5 curriculums that should be mandatory in high school

5 curriculums that should be mandatory in high school

 Hear me out. I don’t like school because I always felt like it was a waste of time. Here’s why. I feel like school just prepares you for more school. Elementary prepares you for middle school. Middle school just prepare you for high school and so on. I think school should prepare you for the real world outside of school. There has always been an abundant of people that wasn’t focused on college afterwards. So I believe these classes should be added. So check out my list and my reasons. Leave comments for what you think should also be included. See you next time.

  1. Racism: Racism can’t continue to be this thing we put off in our head. It has to be talked about. Can include classes about African American history in every grade, white, Asian and any other race that passes through America. Help me understand our race. Some are blindly racist from their parents and grandparents and I think that’s how racism keeps evolving. It needs to be taught no matter how much you don’t like it. We as black people don’t enjoy being treated this way. If you really care about being equal and being treated equally. Then we need to learn about it. Education is key.
  2. Mental Health: Physical health is great, but mental health needs more focus. How long is mental health going to be just an excuse for one’s actions? When will it be the topics to help stop these attacks and stop these people from being hurt or hurting someone else because they didn’t know how to deal with their anger or their ptsd from an uncured situation left them suicidal? Or help them understand their mental disorder. Or just mental illnesses and disorders. Mental health issues like depression needs to be brought up more. One thing I can say from first hand experience is, it’s hard talking to your parents or family about mental health because they don’t even know a bit about it. To them it’s about being sad. When it’s way more. Took awhile to understand but they weren’t taught about this just like us and our youth to come.
  1. Money Management: Managing money should be a topic of discussion. Math is cool, but I been an adult for a while and I still haven’t used mx+b=34 type of question. Teaching you how to manage your money. Understanding taxes and credit cards. Understanding stocks and investing. Investment class can be a small elective class that can evolve into majoring in categories close to this in college. Such as Finance, economics, and business administration.
  2. World History: World history needs to be tweaked a bit. For one, I believe African American history should be added. It shouldn’t be just a standalone course. We built this country on our backs. Why we don’t get spoken about? Also, I feel like they should add in courses like Culture Appropriation. or an advanced world history that teach what’s appropriate in different cultures. I feel bad for however many people get so called canceled online simply because they don’t know right from wrong in other cultures. As a young black American I can tell you right now that I wasn’t taught much about the Asian community or any other culture for that matter. Was I taught any of this? No. I hear terms used incorrectly all the time. I’ll use a racial slur in the wrong way not knowing it’s actually harmful. 
  3. LGBTQ: I believe this is a course to be added. We should never judge people’s sexuality. Most parents can rub their homophobia off on their offspring. Which can be an enormous problem. I feel as though we should teach it in schools. Can be an elective just because of certain religions or whatever the case may be. I also believe educators should teach it from that community. Just because I think it’s better to learn from someone who has had experience and not someone who read it about it in a book. They can’t educate you on some of the harsh things they may have gone through. Also, what not to do to someone who’s in the LGBTQ community.

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