2 YEARS POST OP GASTRIC SLEEVE. PROS, CONS & CONCLUSION: 2 years out of surgery. How do I feel? Do I regret it?  


I have lost so much weight. Started at 434 pounds and rose to 470 pounds then showed up to surgery 400 flat. Now I’m at 273 pounds. 

I can wear what the freak I want. Something I always wanted to do. From fashion nova to boohoo man to the local brands coming up. I can wear them all and style them. 

I’m healthier. For my other conditions, it seems like they all are getting better thanks to the incredible weight loss. 


I can’t find one. This still is the greatest decision I ever made.


If you're going for this operation, just do it. This isn’t a shortcut to it’s a whole different route. From the 5 or just 2 vitamins a day. To staying faithful to your workout journey. Eating only a handful of food at a time for the rest of your life. That’s a minor change for a life full of better health and a fresh start. I can’t say you’ll be happier, but I’m happier. I get a big smile every time I look in the mirror. I know if you do this you won’t regret this decision. 

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