Faith by Pop Smoke

Faith by Pop Smoke: 

Unpopular opinion, but I really like the album. Actually, this was a great album. Been seeing a lot of criticism about it. The features weren’t what everyone wanted. I think they were there because some songs may have been unfinished. So the features helped complete the songs. The label could have picked more of his homies or New York natives. But Every song was great. There wasn’t one song that I thought was bad. This album makes you want to cry and party at the same time. So much potential and talent gone, but the music is still here to last us a lifetime.


Bout a million was crazy. Everyone delivered on it. I felt like I had heard a snippet of it when it first started. So it surprised me a bit like “This that song”. 

Demeanor: When I saw the track list, I was like Dua Lipa. Her and DaBaby song has been going crazy. She ate on this too. I wonder if they made this before his passing. It’s so musically perfect, like this was in the stash. Remind me of something Drake would make. I saw in an article that he liked one of her songs, so maybe it was meant to be.

Back Door: The message was the best part. The flow of the song from the hook to Quavo to Kodak verse was great. I think this is my favorite out of all 20 songs. The Brush em song is a close second favorite. Rah swish was eating. By eating, I mean delivering on the bars. The Merci beaucoup ending was a word. Be in control of your own creation.

Overall, I love this album. I love Pop Smoke’s music and I want to be in control of my own creations every time. That is what I took away from this album. I wish he was still here to enjoy this album with us. I’ll be listening to this album along with the rest of the fans for eternity. Pop Smoke will always live on through this music. Rest in Peace Woo.

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