Writing Prompt #116

Writing Prompt #116: Write about a Sacrifice you had to make.


I sacrifice my pride a lot now

Running in and out

Because I can’t bare the actions of the demon inside

He wants to rise

But I don’t want to die in an orange jump suit

Trying to keep my cool

So I can make it to the grand stage

But I’m stuck on this page

Feel more like a cage

Sacrificing my pride,

So I don’t send a son to the sky

I experienced suicidal thoughts since I was 12

But now I’m having homicidal thoughts and fearing ducking 12

I just want to accomplish my dreams that I had since I was 8

Always facing hate

I sacrifice my smile everyday I wake

For a mug that will make a camera crack,

For someone to make me out to be the bad guy

I just want to get out before I lose faith 

I sacrifice my happiness everyday

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