365 Days

What’s On Tonight? 365 Days 

 What’s on tonight? How about some hot, steamy romantic adventure with a psychopathic Mafia boss? Whose only interest is making a woman he saw one day as his lover in 365 days or she’ll be let free of his shackles. Crazy? You don’t even know the half. SPOILER ALERT!

 For starters, I discovered this movie on twitter. People were saying it was an outrageous movie, so I wanted to see what the hype was. So I put it on my watch list for Netflix and now a year later I’m watching it. The movie is supposed to be about Massimo (Michele Morrone) a leader of the Sicilian Mafia family. But in this movie he was a Romantic, Manipulative, Kidnapper. The woman he kidnaps is a regular girl on vacation with her boyfriend her name is Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka). This movie was very explicit and not for children or teenagers, I may add for starters.

 So this man kidnapped her because he was in love with the way she looked as he passed by her in a vehicle. No long history of love. Just that he saw her and fell in love from that moment on. As for Laura, she was stuck inside a relationship that been lost its spark. One moment she’s on vacation trying to repair her relationship. The next moment she’s waking up in a mansion. Her captive is believed to be handsome and wealthy.

 As far as the plot goes, it’s unbelievable. Imagine being kidnapped by a mafia member and being held against your will. The cops are in their pockets but their stupid rich. I know I’m a little different because if it was a fine woman who kidnapped me and had money and just wanted me….. I would have got comfortable in seconds. Just saying. Not the best role model.

 In her case, she folded in 2 months. She was pregnant and ready to get married before the end. The ending was a little strange. They warned one henchman of an attack, then Laura and her friend went through a tunnel. Then hours later, cop cars were there and Massimo was in shambles when he was told of the attack. 

Honestly, I liked it a little. I’m curious about what you think. I’m sitting back like would you accept this fate. He was a boss. Rich and had the world at his fingertips. Would you fall for him? There’s supposed to be a part 2 coming soon. I may watch it. He was a mafia boss, but you didn’t see him get active. No real fighting or shooting. It was just about her and her ultimatum. So maybe part 2 be him getting his revenge. I’m kinda eager for a second one. I would like to see what Mr Massimo can do. Anyway let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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