August Results 2021 

August Results 2021 

  1. Learn something new: I learned about eBay scammers. Been selling on eBay for 3 months and made over 900 bucks on sneakers. So I have been trying to sell all my sneakers that’s too big, and I have sold plenty but I have a few left but I keep running into scammers. The scammers all say the same thing: text me or email me so we can talk more ASAP. The reason that I discovered on Reddit was because they want to send you a convincing email or text that looks like it’s from PayPal saying you received a payment. So if you ever want to sell on eBay, just remember the scammers all want to text or email you off the site chats. It’s been pretty easy selling on eBay. I may do a tips blog later on if you want me to about my experience and what I sold. 
  2. Start a new book: Read some of I’ll Fly Away by Rudy Francisco and I’m about to start a book called Mind over Body by Joe Marchant. My therapist recommended it.
  3. Do Something outside of my comfort: So I went to a public store alone maybe 5 times this month. Being out in public alone is something I’m not used to and often is uncomfortable, but this month I was calm and collected. I also had a bum fit on almost every day this month. I wanted to get out the urge to get fly just to do simple tasks. So I walked around all month dressed like someone’s uncle. In my little sweats, athletic shirt and under armour sneakers.
  4. Eat Less: In the first half, I wasn’t following. I saw my stomach poke out a bit more than usual, so I buckled down and lost a couple of pounds. So this goal is complete as well.
  5. Improve a skill: I improved on my ability to market my music. I had a little plan, but the rest was on the fly. I started this month with 2 monthly listeners on Spotify now I’m at 268 listeners per month as of the 28th. My song streams are almost to 200 streams. I would say that I improved on this skill.

This was a pretty successful month, I think. It may be the first month this year that I completed every goal. Next month is tomorrow and I hope we have an even better month next. See you all then. Tell me about your month in the comments below. Also check out my new spoken word single Let Me Talk My Shit.

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