Writing Prompt #121

Writing Prompt #121: Which family member is most important to you?

Writing Prompt #121: Which family member is most important to you?

All family is important, Silly

Just a couple that you don’t mind seeing all the time

Or none of the time

But the most important is my immediate family

My nephew, for starters,

My little partner,

Speaking of partners 

Can’t forget my movie partner, my GG (Grandma)

My brother is my partner in crime

Always talking about the good ole times

Or playing a bunch of video games till one of us falls asleep

Wake up then repeat,

Then eat 2 whole dominoes specials when we get hungry

Then it’s my mama, the one who birth and fed me

My second sister, but really my cousin, remains at the end of one of my phone calls

Never a dull moment between the 2

My pops, who thinks he so cool

A year ago, our relationship was rocky, but now I think he’s cool

My sister with the hidden magical pen,

My other cousins holding me down with the support

My goof of an uncle and his funny jokes

No matter how serious the situation is,

He always breaks the ice

Just a few of this big ole family 

All of them matter, but I just referred to a few

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