Is it bad that I lust for her?
More than I love her
But still don’t want to hurt her
She looks beautiful in my eyes
But her personality is not pretty in my eyes
How do I walk away from such a visually beautiful specimen?
That’s a fight we all lose all the time
Beautiful on the outside, ugly on the inside, but somehow we let our eyes decide if we should slide in
The grip tightening,
We keep fighting
The idea of leaving someone that is so great in bed
But treats us so badly
We have nothing to talk about when around each other
But when those lights cut off, we know every little detail about each other
We can’t even cuddle
Because she doesn’t like how my body feels beside her
Why do I stay with her?
She makes me happy in bed
But other than that, the relationship is dead
You know there are a million others that can give us that same happiness and maybe that connection we all need
But we put up that fight instead of grabbing our bags and leaving
We stay just to keep pleasing
When you can’t take anymore, then you try to leave
Then she pops out that bundle of joy
Why date someone that doesn’t make you satisfied?
The only time your satisfaction appears is when you're inside
Once you produce that new life,
Now you’re stuck with someone that you can never love and your child
I guess sometimes lust holds a barrier between us
That’s too heavy to move
It makes us choose
Body parts over happiness
Which one would you rather choose?

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