This Is America 2

Today I have a new poem for you all. Although it’s a little old to me. The first version is available to read here. This poem is merely just me venting of what my idea of America is.

This Is America 2

The Land of the free 
Huh, tell that to the border control
Babies dying in cells
While we drool over the guard,
When will it stop?
When will they be saved?
Ran from a land just to be locked in a cage
Home of the Brave
Brave enough for a terrorist to walk into a store and kill a bunch of people 
Oh, wait, not a terrorist
I forgot when your skin light
It’s not a terrorist
its mental illness, 
What about all the threats online?
That doesn’t play a part
Till they are blacker than the television 
Only time they look at the social media is when they want to find something to make us look like a threat 
We the threat but they still throwing bullets like Bret 
Don’t shoot, my hands up watch as they take my last breath 
But they want our respect 
This is America, the place where you got to pay to heal
But don’t got to pay to kill
The place where there are legal drugs that have been proven to kill
But the plant that heals is illegal still
The place where kids can go to school and be killed
The only logical answer is to add more guns to see if students won’t be killed
The way it’s looking, I’m not ready to be a father cause my child could end up in a pile just trying to learn
Although this is yesterday’s news because everyone’s attention span has already turned
From a mass shooting to a movie
Or how about the newest sex tape? It’s hard because our attention span moves so quickly 
It seems like it happens automatically 
An activist one day the next, we are entertainers
I swear the world is full of shape shifters
Spend most of the days trying to put others down because they don’t agree with them
I just got to vent
I’m just tired of hearing the whole are you woke
Another hashtag to make yourself seem higher
And put the other lower and wonder why so many using weapons and drugs to send themselves higher
They say are you woke 
I’m woke enough to see we are all a bunch of cowards
We all are waiting forever for our hour
To claim power
Despise people who will do whatever for money but can’t wait till we have enough to take a money shower
The place where women feel insecure
Because some guys like Big butt and Big tits
These the same women that pick guys by their dick like they at the sex store
They going hate this cause I speak from the core
Living in a society where if you be yourself, they call it you're trying to change cultures
A culture Vulture
Like if my skin light and I have dreads, then I’m culture hopping
As I say these things, I wonder will this piece stop it
Or will there be more people trying to knock it?
I wish we could all worry about taking off like a rocket
Instead of trying to put each other on halt,
physically and mentally, just so one race could feel like they have control
Just to complain about a higher power, not letting them have control
But we do it for each other
This is America 2

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