Writing Prompt #124

This Writing Prompt came from a gift. A little prompt book called “Write The Poem“. I believe my cousin or sister brought me this book. Yes, that link is an affiliate link. Meaning I receive a portion of the proceeds. I have just started writing in this book since receiving it. We’ll see if it sparks more creativity in the future. Here we go down below with my first prompt from this little book.

Writing prompt #124: Write a poem about first love. 

Word Associations: Tenderness, relish, flame, yearning, cherishing, passion, enhancement, youth.

I met my first love in my youth
At first I didn’t have a clue
That I would fall for her
But I relished her company
The tenderness of her lips had me yearning for her company
Her voice was music to my ears, like a symphony 
No matter how bad her day was, she remained the flame in the room
Cause she kept everyone lit
Lit from the jokes she told
Those moments I wished I would have cherished more
The enchantment of her forbidden fruit was all I focused on
I became obsessed like it was my passion
I always say I don’t have respect for men who date for sex
But isn’t that the way I treated my ex?

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