Love Collision Chapter 2

The Love Collision Story Continues with chapter 2. If you haven’t already view part one before this one. Enjoy and thank you for reading.

Love Collision Chapter 2

There I was in a standoff with Maryland's finest
One cop yelled, “get on the ground”
So many cops surround
There were too many to even count
I ended up in the back of a police car with cuffs tighter than a virgin
The other cops were in my car searching
I don’t know how I’m going to get out of this clean
They put me in a cell at the police station
While in the cell, I had time to think about what went down
I mean, it happened so quick
I was on my way home from my boys’ home
When I got home, I saw an unfamiliar car
I just thought it was one of my neighbors’ friend’s car
When I got inside the house, it looked a little suspicious
Usually Kim would be cooking something delicious
By the door was a random pair of Jordan’s size 9
But I wear an eleven, so I had gone in the draw and grabbed my nine
I went up the stairs and heard Kim screaming
I burst through the door, What I saw had me thinking I was dreaming
I said while I’m out with my boys you in here sneaking
In our bed, though, you must be special
The guy pushed Kim off the top of him and started putting on his clothes
I said you going to do this to me when we have a bun in the oven
Every day I give you good loving,
This how you act, you at home in our bed with another man fucking
She said, baby I’m so sorry
I said you probably do this everyday like it’s a hobby
The guy finished getting dressed and tried to walk out the door
I grabbed him and threw him on the floor
I said and where you think you going
He said I ain’t got nothing to do with this
I said you got everything to do with this
He said it’s not my fault you can’t control your bitch
I pointed my gun at him, He froze up like a glitch
I said shut up before you end up in a ditch
He said you not the only one in here with a stick
I said Kim, get your boy before I let these bullets rip
He said, you not going do shit
I said Watch me
I put my gun away, and I swung on him
He stumbled back and then he ran to me swinging, I swung, he swung, we were just throwing shots like we played for the NBA
I took a couple of hits like three
I started moving around to get free
He hit me in the nuts when I got on top
He crawled towards his bag by the door
I had to get up off the floor
I didn’t know what would be next; I had to brainstorm
Kim was in the corner, looking deformed
I didn’t know what was in the bag, so I started popping like popcorn
Kim screamed loudly, I was stuck, but I knew I had to leave before the cops swarmed
A few moments later, I started hearing a siren sound
They weren’t bout to put me on lock down
I tucked my gun and grabbed my duffle bag
Looked in my safe and grabbed some money bags
Then a pound of tree
As I left, I looked at Kim crying on the floor and said, when I get back you better be gone
Now I’m in a cell thinking about how my lawyer going to get me out
My lawyer, Mike, was fighting for me with a detective
While I was in the cell trying to figure out how I’m going to change the pace
What if Kim snitch?
I don’t think she would because she loves being rich
If I go away, she won’t be rich
I still can’t believe that bitch
Then suddenly my time started looking short
The detective and lawyer came out of the room
Told me I was going to bond out for $20K
To await trial in 2 months
As mike and I drove home, I told him we may have another problem
I knew I had to tell him about the recent body dropping
I may have caught another body I said
Mike looked at me and said I know
Wait how you know
Then, suddenly, we took an unexpected turn
Ended up in a dark alley, I had so much concern
Before I could utter some more words, he pointed a gun at me

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