Losing Myself

Sometimes poetry is my best therapy when I feel like I’m losing myself. They say you should talk about your problems with people but when it feels like their not listening then I resort to my pen. So here is Losing Myself.

Losing Myself:

Losing myself every second
Don’t want to be down on myself because I know I’m not wrong
But they make me feel like I’m the problem
Just want to go someplace far away
Maybe then I won’t be in the way
Always taught to be the protector 
But I can’t protect her
I got to turn a blind eye
I got to close my ears
I got to ignore my fears
If something happens to her
Then that jumpsuit going be comfortable 
I’m losing myself
Therapy helps
But it’s not a instant fix
Been dealing with this tantrum since I was a kid
It never had an off button
So I stay on edge
Just want to push him off a ledge
Want to put a cap to his heart like when I pledge
I’m losing myself 
Angry all the time
Just want to escape the rage
Always hated it
Now I’m in that mode often
When will I escape?

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