Writing Prompt #126

Writing Prompt #126: “Death wants you to be terrified, but the scariest thing is wanting death.” 

Death wants you to be terrified, but the scariest thing is wanting death

I always hear about suicide as bad, but I see it as freedom

Freedom to finally be what I feel, alone and not mentioned

What holds me from not accomplishing that freedom?

Its supposed to be my goals

But the L’s I take on a daily empties my soul

I think to myself, is it even worth it any more

Everyone see’s my chase as a waste

So why not slit my throat and become a human waste inside of an urn

I rather be burned,

So I can sit in my momma’s house on top of a mantle so my family can do what they always do, ignore my existence

Ignore my wishes

Ignore my feelings

Ignore me

What am I still doing here? 

If I’m always ignored,

I’m not terrified of death

I’m excited about resting in peace

Disclaimer: I wanted to challenge myself to write a suicide note as a poem. The prompt just gave me the idea. But if you are dealing with depression, here is a minor post I made to help. https://piecesofkblog.com/2020/02/04/dos-and-donts-when-depressed/

Prompt is from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/613263674242025741/

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