Sex Life

What’s On Tonight?: Sex Life 

Parents, don’t let your kids watch this. This was a dirty TV Show. Hardcore series. Each episode was like 40 minutes long. Honestly, this was porn. Is the simplest way I can put it. I don’t want to spoil too much of this show because it was a long season. Alot to wrap up and also I want you to watch it.

 The plot was outrageous. The main character was Billie (Sarah Shahi). She was living the whole happily married life at first. Until she ran into her sex demon of an ex Brad Simon (Adam Demos) who is this big time producer. She reminisces about their crazy sexual memories and writes them down on her laptop. So not only is she dreaming about him, she’s making note of it. Her husband finds out and he tries to compete with the guy, but he doesn’t measure up. Honestly, it goes downhill from there. 

 The main character was so dumb to me. She was in love with her ex because of his sex game. But he was such a toxic butthole. He was aggressive and had childhood issues. He was just so toxic, but she was in love with their sex life and so was he. He began calling and texting her. It was even a scene where he face timed her while with her best friend and he had sex with her while the ex was watching. This show was insane. All I could do was wonder what was coming next.

Of course, all this infidelity causes so much issue with her husband. The issue was mainly that she was married with a kid, reminiscing about her old adventures and writing about it. Which made her husband insecure. I believe it was trending on Netflix when it first released. If you’re under 18, then I advise you to go watch coco melon or something like that. This is not for kids or teens. I was bored and trying to watch the trending movies and shows so I can review it here. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Will I watch next season? The way it ended, I want to see if life gets better for the husband. So maybe.

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