Free Verse 3

Free Verse 3:

Stop Kenneth
Put your feelings back in your pocket
You're talking to the choir
Just be quiet
Learn how to not care for your heart
No matter how much she did for you
No matter how many times she protected you,
Took up for you when you didn’t even want help
This moment in time is not you helping when she doesn’t want it
Just worry about you
Don’t let your temper get the best of you
Just push it away
Forget the memories and patterns 
Just stop and worry about you
The lines I was hearing the last few months
How do you tell a son not to worry about his mother?
How do you tell a son not to be mad at a bitch for hurting his mother over and over?
How do you give a son a cold shoulder?
Because he just wants his mother to be loved and cherished
Not used and abused
Maybe some day I’ll get the clue
That I should only worry about me
Even when it hurts to see her hurt
It hurts to see my heart hurt
Year after year, it’s the same old bitch
Can’t Spazz again last time I hurt my Gg by what I was saying
So I bottle up the rest of my feelings
Because what’s the point anymore
No one cares
No matter how much I share,
I’ll forever love my heart 
But can’t bear to stay a witness any longer

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