Free Verse 4

Free Verse 4:

Been feeling real discouraged lately
I just want these records to pay me
Something to show for all my efforts
Probably wouldn’t even spend it
Nah, I’m probably lying 
Since surgery and all this dieting,
I was dropping the bag on clothes
Got girls sliding into the Dms like they on a ski slope 
But I’m not ready
Not ready for someone to love me
They just going to be another goodbye text
Cause I want to be in a space to give her my all, nothing less
Not talking dollars, talking mental health
That’s just how I felt
Tried to explain that to the last girl I dealt with
But she was too busy trying to go with the flow
Until she got lost in the flow of trying to make me happy and not herself 
Took some time to realize my ways
So I keep to myself 
Instead of putting another in my mess

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