An Evening With Silk Sonic

Music Highlight Of The Week: An Evening with Silk Sonic

An Evening with Silk Sonic By Silk Sonic. Otherwise known as Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars. This album had a vibe all the way through. It was just smooth. I think the sound that these 2 artists possess compliments each other well. I hope this isn’t the only album we hear from this duo.

 I really like “Smoking out the window”. The lyrics were a little funny, but it made the song great. I’m still listening to the first song these 2 released, Leave the door open. I believe it came out early March of this year and it had me hooked ever since. I have been wanting to hear these two shine in more music. I even caught a family member listening to it. Their sound kinda has an old school Funk or Disco sound to it. It appeals to the younger and older generation. “Put on a smile” was great as well. Just realizing on the 2nd listen of this album. I like the more serious sound and the story of missing someone so badly that you don’t feel well enough to blend in. 

 The only thing I wish was on this album was Akeem Ali. If you don’t know this guy. I’ll leave this video for you. 

I think Akeem Ali should have been on this album. He embodies this style and I could see him rapping on this project. It would have been amazing. But this project still was a masterpiece. Or even a feature with the legend Snoop Dogg would have been crazy. I hope we see those combinations in the future. 

Make sure to stream An Evening With Silk Sonic. See you next week with some more Music Highlights.

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