Free Verse 5

Free Verse 5:

A couple of months ago, I wanted to escape 
Now I just want to get paid just to place it in your hands
Tired of seeing you hurt
Tired of seeing you work 
I just want to sweep you off your feet
Let you lie down while I make the profits
That was until you cracked my soul in half
Baffled by your actions,
Want to grab my bags and start packing
Cause I can’t bear to see you down again
Bending backwards for a bitch nigga
You say I thought you liked him
How you figure?
Was it our hi and bye relationship?
Or was it how often I told sis I didn’t like the bitch
Or was it my displeasure at helping him with shit?
The signs all there but you just didn’t listen
Now you're confused by the anger I’m pitching
Like I threw a curveball
But my anger is at an all-time high
Can barely relax always on go
Let my words flow 
When trying to distract myself,
But it doesn’t help

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