Top 5 Favorite Poems Of 2021

Top 5 Favorite Poems Of 2021: This list is my favorite poems I made in 2021. I’ll leave links for you to check it out under each one.

Tantrum: What started out as a flash in class became a lifelong thing that haunted me. So I wrote this poem to tell the truth about my tantrum.

There: I hate when people judge a situation based upon their own judgement of a victim in certain situations. Like when people discredit women’s stories in assault or sexual assault cases. Its like were you there? How would you know who’s telling the truth? Then when it involves celebrities. It becomes hate for the woman/victim just because you like the guy in the situation; you alter her words and base the verdict of the situation on your fondness of the man’s art. I just don’t like it. So I wrote this explaining my hate towards that type of behavior.

Women: I love women. Not only because I’m attracted to them, but because of how strong you have to be to be a woman. Over the years, I have to notice the mistreatment of women and how their downplayed constantly. So I wanted this poem to discuss some of the criticism I see them received.

Self Reflection: Sometimes you need a friendly talk with yourself to get back on track. This poem was simply that. I felt like I was pushing myself too hard, just for a profit. So I needed to tell myself to stop getting lost in the profit and get lost in the process. Love the art, not what can come from it.

February: This poem was short but sweet. The month of February is Black History Month. Even though it barely feels like it in America. Especially when our history is barely included in the school system. I wrote this poem to talk about the other issue with Black History Month. It’s when people buy from black owned brands only in February. Or make it their mission to highlight Black Owned Brands for a short period of time. My issue is to not celebrate black owned only in February. Do it year round. We often wonder how other races have all this wealth. For starters, they support each other in full and not all look for the easy discount. Just fully love these brands all the time and not for the shortest month out of the year.

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