Top 5 Favorite Artists Of 2021

This year musically was great. It distracted me and gave me an escape from this crazy world of pandemics, viruses, variants, and deaths. Also gave us tunes for the good times. For me, I enjoyed the music scenes. So today I’m listing my top 5 favorite artists of 2021. Some you know, some you don’t and some you hate. But here’s my list below along with my why. Also, my favorite songs from them.

Ollie: Discovered him on YouTube one day. I listened to one of his older songs that had a domino effect on me. After hearing one, I just fell for another one. I listened to a lot of his older music including, Maybe This Was Supposed To Happen. Which in that post I expressed my enjoyment of his style. One of my favorite songs from him is Emotions. Here’s the video down below.

Coi Leray: The vibe a name Lil Durk gave her. I love when I discover someone that blows up later. I was listening to her for maybe a year or 2 before she blew. I think Slide is still one of my favorites. When she came with No More Parties, I knew it was a hit. But when Durk got on it, I knew it was going up the charts because everything he’s touched has blew up. That’s another story for later. I liked how she didn’t let the negativity she received from her XXL Freestyle derail her. Or even the lack of fan participation at her shows. She just kept her vision clear. She just kept the vibe. My favorite song from her this year was No More Parties Remix.

Lil Durk: Its late in the year when I’m writing this and I know by the end of this post the acknowledgments for his discography will be outdated. Lil Durk is constantly coming out with quality in quantity. Whether it’s his own record, or a feature, he always knocks it out. I haven’t heard a bad Durk verse yet. Even through the heartbreaks of losing loved ones around him, he still drops heat. This the moment I say what’s my favorite Durk song from 2021. I’m going to say Turkey Season for now. But it’s hard to pick. I love Back Door, Hell Cats and Track hawks, and every feature he touched this year.

DDG: Pontiac Made DDG. What’s smacking against the wall? Comment if you know what I’m talking about. Musically, he stepped up. With the addition of Die 4 Respect. Really showed his versatility. I think that project, along with the success of Moon walking in Calabasas, earned him the respect of others in the industry. From the fan point of view, I believe he always had our respect. My favorite song from him this year was If I Go Broke.

Duke Deuce: I discovered Duke in 2020 when I heard Crunk ain’t dead featuring Project Pat, Lil Jon, & Juicy J. Off of his second Memphis Massacre Project. If you haven’t heard of that project, listen to it. He’s been on a mission to bring the crunk sound back in his own way. I love it. It’s so hype and a breath of fresh air. Make you want to get pumped. Go workout or something. This year, he dropped another project called Duke Nukem. My favorite song off the project was Gangsta Party featuring Offset.

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