Top 5 Favorite Model Dreams Of 2021

Top 5 Favorite Model Dreams Of 2021:

Here is my favorite photos taken of me this year. It was a long year with a few shoots. Some talked about in the Perfect Shot series. In this brain I always have my favorites and here they are. By the way my love for black jeans is unmatched. Next year I’m going to switch it up. I promise.

Model Dreams #200: This wasn’t one of my most comfortable fits. The shorts were a little too short for my taste, but I wanted to try something outside my comfort zone. So that’s a little behind the scenes of how this fit came together. I like this pose. It was just a simple look down post. I wanted to highlight both of the clothing brands I was sporting. I think I did well. Like website good. Boohooman and Official, you know where to find me. Just being serious.

Model Dreams #183: A rare sighting of me smiling. This was one photo that I used to overlook but realized later how good I looked. My 100 Brawn hoodie was permit fit. I think the cream color is my new favorite color on me.

Model Dreams #168: It may be the preset I used to touch up this photo, but I really like the look of this photo. It was an off guard shot while walking. Took me a while to get this shot in and not look awkward while fake walking.

Model Dreams #156: I hardly take photos in my eyeglasses for no reason. But this one came out great. This was a real author shot.

Model Dreams #175: This is the same outfit as the other, but I like the pose. It’s a little different from others. It was clearly an off guard photo, but it just has character to me. I probably was in the middle of a conversation with a friend when this photo was captured.

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