January Results 2022

January Results 2022: This month went by quickly. I endured Alot of challenges throughout this month. Some changes to myself had to be made to stay on course. As time goes by, I see myself accomplishing my goals soon.

Learn Something New: Learned to speak up more and not care about what someone thinking. Just be you and let the world adapt to you. Successful.

Finish 7th Heaven (Women’s Murder Club): Sadly I didn’t finish. I have been working a lot and could not finish my read. I will finish it soon. Failed.

Apply for new jobs: I had gotten a job on the last day of 2021. It had been in the works for a couple of days. I started the job on the 4Th day of the year. I haven’t seen no reason to look for another. Although I got into Instacart as a little side hustle. Successful.

Workout 4 times a week: I don’t be doing much after work but I definitely don’t be trying to workout. Failed.

Eat out less: I think I ate out maybe 3 or 4 times oppose to the regular 3  times each week of the month. Successful.

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