Top 5 Favorite Snacks When Baked

Top 5 Favorite: Snacks when baked

If you didn’t know I indulge, then the cats out the bag. The secret is out. Whatever. But this is my list of my favorite snacks for when I’m baked. Check out the affiliate links if interested.

  1. Crackers and Cheese: Not just any crackers either. It can be townhouse or club crackers. The dip has to be Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese and a butter knife and you have the perfect little snack.

2. Cheetos Puffs: These could be my favorite chips to eat. They are my go to when baked.

3. A large cup of Chocolate Peanut Butter premier protein shakes: On my days where I haven’t gotten all my protein in. I’ll 4. make a big cup of shakes with maybe 2 shakes in the cup. I’ll leave it in the freezer while I get baked. Then drink it when it’s a little slushy. You can use whatever shake you like but me personally. Love the new Peanut Chocolate Premier shakes. They have a similar taste to a reeces cup or a peanut chew. If you love peanut butter, then you have to try it.

4. No Shell Pistachio: These are good to just snack on. Won’t feel full if your stomach is normal but my sleeved belly will get full, eventually.

5. Doritos and Tostitos Salsa Con Queso: Everyone remembers this mix. This is another go to snack to prepare for myself. I like to put the cheese first then the chips. Microwave on 30 seconds. Perfection.

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