March Results 2022

March Results 2022

March has ended. The prominent women’s history month is over but women are still amazing. I showed my appreciation for this year by writing about Thighs. I don’t know what that was about. I just wanted to have fun. So that’s what I came up with. A better appreciation of women is a poem like Women. Which was from last year. Anyway onto this year. I was a little lazy and completed little my list. I did some of my goals. You can check them out in this post.

  1. Finish the 8th confession: I didn’t start it. I have been putting the 7th heaven book talk to the side for so long. Now I don’t really even remember the book. So no more excuses. I’m rereading 7th heaven and doing the book talk. After that I will start the 8th book. Until then, this goal has just been failed.
  2. Lose Some Weight: My weight stayed the same. I’m still at 280.
  3. Blog More: I barely blogged at all. I have literally 5 posts for this month.
  4. Learn Something New: I learned how to make smoothies. Which is the easiest thing. But I learned how to do it and now I do it every day. I post me making smoothies on my personal Instagram story, so follow me.
  5. Figure out the first single: I have it figured out. It’s called Love? It’s personal really. I’m working on my flow right now. When I recite it, I want it to be emotional. I want you to feel my pain. I want you to understand my pain. I want this poem to be an impressive body of art. You’ll hear it soon. I promise.

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