May Goals 2022

May Goals 2022

A little late with this post, but there’s no better time than the present. A couple of more days left in this month, but it’s plenty of time to complete these goals. I thought of these goals in the last weeks, weekly thoughts. So some of you may be familiar, but for those who aren’t. This is my goals for this month. If you have some goals in your head. Then jot them down. Stare at them every day. Become obsessed with completing these goals. Make it your key priority. To further your life and career, put the work in. Go after it. It’s never too late to work for the life you want to live. Here are my goals.

May Goals 2022:

  1. Finish the 8th confession:
  2. Reread 7th Heaven:
  3. Save 2,000 dollars for the car budget:
  4. Recite a poem on video and post it:
  5. Do something out of the ordinary:

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