Let’s Talk About It: Child Support

Becoming a mom nowadays is becoming a career. Get pregnant have a baby by a millionaire get 50k a month and more. If the shoe was on the other foot men wouldn’t get nearly as much.

I feel like it’s sexist. At times. Even though it’s supposed to be a percentage of the parent’s income. After doing some research I found that most men who try to get child support from the mother don’t get nearly as much and is bashed by the world for even trying.

I feel like child support should be on a card and can only be spent on children things such as toys, food, pampers, health issues, private school. Because there’s no reason Child support should be over 2k a month unless the child has private school or health issues.

It shouldn’t be allowed for the mom to pay her bills with it. If she can’t even pay bills then the kid should be with the parent that can actually afford the kid. She shouldn’t be able to buy a bag or a car.

I simply feel like it’s a scam. Some women get 50k a month and say it’s not enough when the kid is an infant. Baby food is usually 1 to 2 dollars. For a month it may be around 60 to 70 dollars. Baby clothes are around 60 dollars for a month. Pampers can range to 60 to 80 over the course of one month. Where is the rest of it being spent on? I’m lost. Not a parent but from observation this type of thing make me want a vasectomy for real. Most of the fathers barely can be a father before they’re deemed as not a good father. How do you even know yet?

I feel like you should only be able to get on it after 5 years of being incapable of being there for the kid. And it has to come with receipts as in witnesses. You can’t tell if someone’s not fit if the kid has barely taken its first step. How?

That’s just my opinion. I know making this post and talking about money and not the child is wrong. But isn’t that all the moms think about when they get 50 thousand a month but still find a way to say it’s not enough for a infant.

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Let’s Talk About It: Domestic Violence

Nobody likes to get hit. Why should you hit someone and not be expected to get hit back? Why are men deemed as abusers for defending themselves? Why don’t women be held accountable for their actions? Why is it acceptable if she hit him?

I’m no abuser but I’m just confused as why am I a bad human if I defend myself. By no means is this blog about abusing anyone but I’m tired of seeing these same situations. If we were to count all the times a woman has slapped their boyfriend then who really are the abusers in the relationships.

Why aren’t women held accountable for bullying men with the constant hitting with the same excuse as to she’s only a woman. Even saying that out of this context would be looked at as sexist. So why use that now? She’s just a woman when she hit you to make it seem like she’s weak. But when the shoe is on the other foot I’m a poor excuse for a human being.

This blog is merely a response to when the male figure is attacked physically and he defends himself. Just making that clear. As for when it’s the man beating on the woman, I think he deserves the time he gets. If anyone is in that position, I think you should get out. That’s not love. You don’t physically and verbally abuse someone if you love them. That’s all I have to write on this subject. Like, comment and subscribe to my mailing list. View my previous posts until my next post. Check out some of my poems while you’re at it. See you next time.

Let’s Talk About It: Police

Let’s Talk About It: Police

I honestly feel like there are good cops out there. We just only see the bad. When you scroll through your timeline all you see is cops beating or shooting someone. You don’t see cops making a normal arrest for a crime. You see the bad officers. There’s good and bad in every situation. We can’t judge if we only see the bad.

Sometimes it’s also different from viewpoints. What you see from your side of town is different from what I see on my side. You see a hero and often times I don’t. I see the boogeyman. I get how some would say what about the people in your neighborhood or the people that look like you?

Oh yeah, they’re dangerous as well. I will never put them off as not dangerous. But if I get killed by my neighbor, my family could rest better knowing that my killer was found and put behind bars for life. The police, on the other hand, will live their life lavishly. While my family grieves over my death. Knowing my killer is out there living freely.

Or maybe not. Not everyone is the same. Is another statement I wanted to make. Officer John is not the same as Officer Mike. Just like I’m not the same as my neighbor. That’s it for this Let’s Talk About It. Like, comment and subscribe to my mailing list. View my previous posts until tomorrow.

Let’s Talk About It: Slave Reparations

Is it fair? Yes if every other race that went through those type of situations during those times are getting paid then yes the race that suffered over 200 years of slavery. And a number of years of segregation should definitely get paid.

My question is what is the money for? What are you going to do with it? Buy some new Jordan’s and continue to live in a broken system. Where all that money can be taken away because you matched the description of someone there looking for. Yes, a payday sounds great but the fight is not over. Or when we aren’t allowed the benefits that everyone else is awarded just because of how we dress or how our name is pronounced.

We take money over lives and that’s the problem. We lost trillions of people over those years because of how we looked. So now a check is supposed to make up for the killings, rapings, and hard labor with no pay. That’s just my thoughts on it. People feel differently and I would love to hear your thoughts below. Like, and follow this blog for more. Don’t forget to follow me on all social media platforms. Subscribe to my mailing list to stay up to date.