Let’s Talk About It: New Age Discipline

New age discipline. I hate it. The thought of my parents cutting my hair into some type of contraption to teach me some type of lesson is stupid to me. What happened to take away a child’s valued possessions such as their games, phones and etc?

As a former member of public schools, I know a kid coming to school with one of these cuts would be roasted for a very long time. Roasting is seen as bullying. So my question is what happens when your kid is bullied all throughout the school year? And the next year after that because kids don’t forget. On top of this what about the bullies online since you decided to post the video online? Also, taking pictures and posting it as if it’s some type of accomplishment will not raise someone’s grades.

I feel like disciplinary actions are not the best way. If I was having bad grades on some assignments I would want more help. Obviously, I’m not getting the lessons being taught. A wild haircut or timeout is not going to make my grades higher.

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Let’s Talk About It: N****

This word or two words is so annoying to me. It’s a word that was used to degrade and deprive the African American race during slavery and so on. It’s a term that has been over utilized in my opinion. If being called an N-Word is so bad then why use it now.

Sometimes I feel like we have selective pain towards it. If I say it to a black person I never met he won’t be offended. It’s not until another race say it is when you feel some type of way. It’s stupid to me. Like I can see if someone used it in a racist way but people literally can say “Nigga” and be called a racist.

If it’s so bad why do we call each other it? Why are we only angry when the person is not black? Why do we allow it if the person is a popular public figure? A lot of unanswered questions. In my opinion, I don’t think it should be used at all. Just like being called a monkey or wearing blackface. It’s something that shouldn’t be allowed.

But then you got people like me who have been raised around the word. Hear it in music and on television a lot. No matter the skin I feel like either never uses it or everyone should be allowed. Why embrace the word but still get offended by it? Why try and discriminate against others for using it? Why try and change the definition of it but change it back when the race is different? Why turn into our enemies and put people down because of their skin? What happened back then isn’t right now. Why still allow the word to hold power over you?

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Let’s Talk About It: Cheating

I’m going to say this first, I’m not the relationship guru but from my observation here is my thoughts.

I get why you want to say don’t judge a book by its cover. But sometimes the book is already fucking open. So why set yourself up for failure? He’s known for cheating on his previous partners. Obviously, he doesn’t want to be faithful. Why go down that path at all?

You’re destined to get your feelings hurt. If he didn’t want to be faithful to his last partners then what makes you think he will be faithful to you? But honestly, the real issue is why he keeps cheating. Why isn’t one enough? That’s something he needs to ask himself but my question is why mess with someone like that at all?

Honestly, I don’t want it to seem like I’m blaming you for his actions. I’m asking why go down that narrow path at all? If there was a shooter outside would you go say hi? No, you wouldn’t so why walk into a relationship with someone that constantly cheats on their partners.

That’s it for this post. Not a relationship guru but just wanted to share my thoughts. Feel free to comment with your thoughts. As always like and follow for more from yours truly. Follow me on Instagram @k.exum Read my previous posts until tomorrow.

Let’s Talk About It: Bullying

Let’s talk about it: Bullying https://www.facebook.com/CaidynBennett/videos/110058786566847/


I was just strolling through Facebook when I saw this video and it got me thinking about bullying. I agree with the message if someone hits you hit them back. That was the lesson I was raised on. I agree with that reasoning because most times the bullying stops. What I have encountered is that most bullies don’t go for the strong. They don’t go for the person who has got their hands dirty a couple of times, or even looks like they can do something if a situation is presented. They go for the weak. The ones who look like they won’t hit back if a situation appears.

I have always heard in school that if someone hits you then tell the teacher. But I have witness kids tell the teacher and basically, nothing happens. A little warning here and there. Or a phone call home, that goes nowhere. But then there are situations like this that I see now. Is when a kid is bullied to the point that all they have left is to fight back. They give it their all and bad things happen. They get hit too hard and fall differently and past out. Then that leads to being bullied online because most likely someone recorded. Now it’s everywhere you go someone is making fun of you.

My opinion on it is teachers. I feel like most teachers and principals just suspend the bully. To me, that’s not erasing the problem on either side. One side you got a kid that is hurt physically and mentally because of something that occurred and probably will occur again. On the other end, you got a kid that will come back and do it again to the same kid or another.

I think at some point there should be some talking to the bully. Because their path is going to get very narrow if they keep bothering people. I know there are things like teen court or some type of real life beyond scared straight. I’m talking about a casual sit down, get into their life type of talking. People don’t just beat on or antagonize someone because they’re bored. It’s always a deeper meaning behind it. Something going on at home, or a loss of some sort. We don’t act this way just because.

Then if there’s a deeper rivalry between these two kids. Sit them down and talk it out because life is way too short for these rivalries. That’s just my opinion. Suspending is just another way of putting another kids life problems to the side. Instead of teaching them that it is wrong and making them understand that if your feeling hurt inside that it’s not good to make others feel that way. Life is not your punching bag when you feel alone.

Let’s Talk About It: End The Silence

End the silence. I still don’t get why people are so quiet. People are dying from the police sirens and all we are doing is praying. I have been praying too, but when is it time to take action? I can’t keep sitting on the bench and watching people die. Praying to the higher power is not doing anything.

I can go down the list of excuses cops make after they murder someone. They say they scared of us. There should be no excuse for a police officer shooting a civilian. It’s no excuses when you question the people that commit a homicide. Then why do you get off with excuses? This little term scared worries me. If you’re scared to do your job then why are we paying you? If you are scared then this is clearly not the job for you. You get scared of people. I don’t understand it. You have multiple weapons on you. What you don’t think weapons scare us?

Cops carry a Flashlight. Pepper spray to nearly blind you when in danger. They have handcuffs to put you away. They have a Taser that can literally electrocute you. They have a baton that can conflict major damage on the human body. Then last but not least, there’s the pistol. These weapons surpass all the others. This weapon now a day is the first thing they grab. From then on the situation is over.

I just don’t know how you have all these weapons and is still scared. If anything the people are more scared. How are you so scared that you shoot someone? Just tell me how trigger-happy are you? You shoot people and then say you were scared. Like is that really what it has come down to. I wonder can I as a citizen shoot someone and say they were scared and win. If these cops are so scared then why are these people dying at their hands.

An unarmed male or female scare you. What scared you the most, their face when you pulled out the gun or how they hands were up? I just don’t understand why is this not the topic of discussions. People are too busy worrying about which celebrity got butt shots. What’s more important celebrities newest body parts or the citizens dying in America? It seems like celebrities win the vote each day. Why is a man or woman with a badge more important? We pay to get beat and shot like animals.

The Society is so messed up today. The worst part of it all is the evidence points towards the police being guilty. We have videos on top of videos. Eyewitnesses and still no justice. The most they ever get is fired. If I shoot someone right now, getting fired from my job will be the least of my worries. They have the witnesses. You have the bodies left from the shootings and all you say is not guilty. Half of them don’t even get a trial. I can’t even commend the ones that are trying to do something. The most people do is tare down their own neighborhood. Like setting the local store on fire is going to do anything to the police.

You just cause trouble in your own community. Why destroy your own home for someone else? These are the things that just get under my skin. Like when will it end. As always Like, Share and tell me what you think in the comments.