So basically continue to stall

While our kids continue to starve

The biggest killers have white skin but they still not behind bars

If they do get a sentence it’s shorter than a dwarf

Bills coming up to our neck like a scarf

And we’re told to be patient and let it run it’s course

But the suffering and hunger is something you don’t have to endorse

Ex (Short Poem)

I miss those times we use to have

I want you back so bad

I wish we would stop this clash

To be real your new man is trash

That’s not intended to make you spazz

Just to say it looks like you downgraded

Or maybe I’m just the bitter ex

Or I’m saying he got less

You already know I was your best

But I guess it’s a reason I’m your ex

Venting (Poem)

I’m stuck in my mind cause I seen a situation like this

So I kinda already know

Should I just drop the book and see how things go

Or hold it and see my dreams fold


This world is so cold

And I’m just trying to let you know

That your blood could be the coldest people you’ll ever know

Had to learn the hard way


I put my passion into it and watched it get shot down

I heard life come full circle, so I’m just waiting for my time to come back around

They say don’t trust friends and just let your blood surround

I’m feeling like a orphan because my friends seems like the only ones that’s down


Sometimes I wonder why I even speak

All they seem to hear is the depression

Don’t even notice I’m giving the guidelines to applying the pressure

Maybe I’m just the only one who gets the gesture

Never mind I can’t really worry about the backlash I’m just improving the texture


I’m just so mixed up in this mixture

Just worried about who down for the adventure

When I need to just go on the adventure


They will follow soon as the bills start falling

And the girls start drooling

I’m just flowing so my mind starts fooling


I’m just venting about a book that probably won’t see the light of day

Because I worry too much about who got faith in me

I just want people to learn from my mistakes


Never depend on others

Just work till the day you get discovered

If only I can get that through my thick skull

If only I knew my worth


I would have never been on that turf

I would have been right here getting everything I deserve

My own momma and poppa broke me down to my knees

I wish I didn’t take that plea


I wish I knew who I can be

I wish they knew who I can be

And that’s me

I should have fought to be me


I’m just venting about some days I’ll probably never see again

Times change

People change

Don’t be chained

To your past

I’m just venting about my past


Disclaimer: This was also featured on “Poetic Gift”. Available for download on all digital platforms. You can also hear this under the shop icon. Hope you enjoyed today’s blog. More to come tomorrow.

Hey Buddy (Short Poem)

Depression your back buddy

I knew it was only a matter of time

Before you had my mind wrapped in chains

My heart filled with pain

I can’t even complain

You gave me a 3-week break before you decided to come

I was starting to think you weren’t going to come

I guess you about to have me back feeling numb

As the days go by I think about the past days

Until my soul starts to feel like a bottomless pit

Then I start to have Thoughts about calling it quits

Until I just crawl into a ball

And just fall asleep

Then wake up and do it again

Disclaimer: Just one of them days.

Hey Depression (Poem)

Hey depression, I haven’t seen you in a while

I didn’t even think you still had my number to dial

I should’ve known you would come

You always seem to be there when I’m all alone

These words I let escape the pen is always the one that stops you from entering my dome

But I guess you built a new entry through my soul

I hope you just taking a stroll

Because I don’t want your true colors to unfold

Cause that’s when I start to mold

My heart gets cold

Just thinking of you taking back control