Old Friend (Spoken Word)

The other day I got a visit from my old friend

I had my friend on my chest like a girlfriend

I haven’t seen him since the ninth grade

That time when I was so afraid

If I let him do what he wanted to do it would be a parade

I almost let him set it off like a grenade

It was going to come as a huge surprise

God wanted me to survive

So I’m still here and energize

When will I rise

Been living in lies

My peers been leading me through a path

I had to get away from that fast like a 40 yard dash

They only want cash

But I need to surpass

Just to go through my own path

My old friend came to lead me to the gates

It wasn’t my time yet

He told me I would soon be a vet

I will soon be a threat

To never let up

And never give up

To always trust your gut

To cut out the negative

No matter what relative

My old friend almost took me to god

But I stopped him

From committing one hell of a sin

Now I’m on a sprint to greatness

You and me will never meet again

I got too much to gain

Been through so much pain

Old friend its over for me and you

Untitled (Poem)

Untitled: A little throwback poem for when I was just having fun with words. Don’t Judge Me. Hope you enjoy. Like, comment and subscribe to my mailing list. View my previous posts until tomorrow.

I think I’m going to call this untitled

This don’t have a title

But I got the title around my waste

I’m going to keep it straight

I had to kill the wait

No time to waste

This is my faith

No need for the hate

Anyone who knows me know I want to rap

But that wasn’t in god plans

I got bars but no rhythm

It’s just that simple

in this I leave a dent like a dimple

My spoken word be popping like a pimple

I’m at every other artist head like a temple

With these lines I go mental

My name in everyone mouth like dental

People want to control me like parental

I stay pure like Kendall Jenner

No that’s a lie I changed like Caitlyn Jenner

I am looked at as a criminal like a foreigner

Every time I see the police I think will I make it to dinner

I don’t want to have a killer

I rather go easily like in my sleep

I’m not trying to feel that heat

This wasn’t suppose to be deep

I’m just deep

Every day I leave, it feels like I took a leap

Then there’s people all over with the hammer trying to compete

One in uniform one in red or blue

The world sick like it got the flu

Uniform killings get more attention

Quick to give attention to that but daily shootings don’t get the time

No one wants to hear the truth so I’ll go back to my rhymes

With this pen I’m like Langston Hughes mixed with Tupac shakur

Just like school I got books in the locker

I’m just kicking rhymes around like a ball in soccer

I’m stacking more and more like a stocker

With this spoken word I be trying to teach like mr Crocker

I used to be all alone

The only one to ever hold me down was my brother rome

Now let me change my tone

A lot a people say I should be playing in the super dome

But I rather rock foams

And keep hitting this upset victory like Ronda getting beat by holly holms

Whoever said they was the king they just got dethrone

I got bars

That could get me far

Now that’s monkey bars

I want to ride around with the stars

And I’m not talking about celebrities I’m talking about a red rath

With this pen and paper I come to escape

I’m different with these bars I go stupid

I’m not average I don’t talk about shooting people like I’m Cupid

I’m a new breed

Different from the others

I’m just a spoken word lover

I got many talents like Donald Glover

With these bars I would make every rapper suffer

I’m serving these rappers up like a butler

Their bars is weak minded

Got the people blinded

Let me try

I got more pack than a 8 pack

All I do is count these fucking stacks

I’m a fat boy so you know I stay with that Big Mac

And you know it’s on my hip

Let somebody trip

And imma let it rip

These the Same dudes that chant black lives matter

Man these dudes is scattered

How you all about black lives matter

But all you talk about is leaving blood splattered

Man I’m done eating this track like a platter

The world not ready for me like steph curry

I’m going to shut down the universe when I drop Word’s Of Fury

Hey Depression 2 (Poem)

Hey Depression your back I guess my soul missed you

Here I thought all along you was going be gone forever

But whatever

I didn’t miss you but I knew you would be here

I just never could get rid of you no matter what change I make

I can’t fake

Right now I just want to make a huge lake

Lake of tears, regrets and stupid mistakes

But there’s no going back

Just got to be more precise with my decisions

H.I.T.M (Poem)

This poem takes me back to a point in time when I really gave up on my writing. Hope you enjoy me venting on my downfall.

I fucked up to the point where I don’t want to start again

Now here comes that pain

I used to say the one thing I fear is giving up

Now I don’t fear it because I’m becoming the quitter I never thought I become

Now it’s on me to start again or settle for what I become

The more I settle the more I feel dumb

How did I ever get beat like a drum

I really want to live a long life

But the fact that I feel like I won’t make it to 22 makes me feel like a low life

I really want to drop a book but the hating ass family comments always surface

That type of shit make me want to leave earth

But I need to stand my ground in this turf

Momma say I need god and church

But god know me and my flaws so what I need church for

I just been fucked lately, shit just been hitting my core

I just want to lose this weight and finally feel reborn

Maybe then I’ll gain the courage to perform

The depression keeps talking got me going through the storm

I just want to get away to some place warm

Where I can relax and have peace

Maybe finally I’ll take a pic where I cheese

Instead of this mean mug

I mug cause shit keeps hitting me make me just not give a fuck

I want to make it far but I’m just stuck

Stuck between my comfort zone and bi polar as people

People I shouldn’t worry about cause we not equal

Me going against them couldn’t even make it to see a sequel

I’m just that lethal

I know i shouldn’t feed into it

Because half of these haters are see through

Meaning there’s nothing behind that disguise that they wearing

Always hating but steady staring

Waiting for that moment when you got bestselling next to your name

That’s the same thing that’s going be next to my name

I swear I miss this Spoken Word shit

It’s only been a couple of months since i called it quits

And I already miss it

Fuck quiting, this my notice I’m back to it

I swear i’m going to make it

There’s no debating

It’s history in the making

I’m Black (Spoken Word)

I’m Black:

All I keep hearing is keep calm it will be okay

I can’t keep calm I am black

They say relax

But you are not black

You don’t get attacked

But I get smacked

I get smacked because I match the description of a suspect in this incident

Oh what a coincidence

This is getting irritant

Get beaten and brutalize with no evidence

This is nothing new its been in existence

I’m ready to go the distance

Get pulled over each day because of your lights

You tell them you know your rights

Still get searched with no warrant

They say do you have any guns

You mind as well give no response

Before you know it you in handcuffs on the curb

Getting searched

These cops are starting to purge

Ask for id and then shots occur

Now the people start to converge

Another cop is not charged

They say violence doesn’t solve anything

Well back in the day we use to march in peace

Until our fearless leader was gun down on a balcony

His killer simply went missing

Just like that plane simply went missing


This year people are going nuts over gun control laws

Gun control laws can’t stop the police

We need peace

But thousand of people are killed and their case is left in a breeze

So I continue to tap on these keys

And let my words breathe

I can’t keep calm I am black

Be respectful and do as they say

A man on the ground with his hands up

I guess he wasn’t respectful enough

Or that was just his bad luck

They say not all cops are bad

Okay tell me what a good cop is

One that doesn’t use his fist

Or one that when he has to apprehend a suspect he has to use violence

But I thought violence is bad

Cops come to schools to tell the kids to never use violence

Wow that’s so crazy

That’s like a bully saying stop bullying

Or K. Michelle saying butt shots is not good

Or maybe like a thief saying don’t steal

Another unarmed man or child die each day

Everyday I feel like I’m next

So each day I pray

Because at the end of the day

I’m black