April Goals

New Month and a new set of goals to complete.

  1. Post 30 poetry videos for National Poetry Month.
  1. Lose 5 pounds.
  2. Write a new Story.
  1. Take some more model Dreams Pictures.
  1. Release a new Spoken Word Song.

Things To Be Grateful For

You’re alive. People die every day and you woke up today be grateful.

You have shelter. People all over the world are homeless but your somewhere with a bed and A/C.

You have food. Be grateful for that. Some places don’t even have clean water be grateful.

Your family. Be grateful for the people that surround you. They may not be perfect but be grateful for the little things they do.

Basically, be grateful for the life you have now. If there are aspects of you or your surroundings that you don’t like. Then make the necessary change to make you or your environment better.