Top 5 Favorite: Spoken Word Creations 3

So poetry month is over but I have more lists for you all. If you haven’t already check out the previous 2 lists like these below the new list. Continue reading “Top 5 Favorite: Spoken Word Creations 3”


Top 5 Favorite YouTube Videos

So I have a YouTube addiction sort of. I watch YouTube more than television. If it’s not my favorite show then I barely watch tv. So, therefore, I bring to you a list of videos that I enjoyed. Whether it made me laugh or was just interesting. This is my list. I would love to see yours below this post.

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Top 5 Favorite Protein Snacks

 So I have been looking at different protein snacks since I have been able to consume them. So I can’t speak for others but I look for great taste in them. When your not allowed to eat sweets, you have to adapt to something else for that sweet tooth. So I have made a list of the ones with great taste and low carbs.  Continue reading “Top 5 Favorite Protein Snacks”