Fears For Next Project

Quality: I fear putting out bad quality. My next project may be a book. Still not sure. That’s a field I haven’t touched since I was 18 and I was inexperienced at the time. I think I have got better at marketing to not make the same mistakes.

Selling: Just to touch base on the marketing thing. I know the feeling of not seeing your work not make a sell. It’s a horrible feeling. But I will risk it to accomplish my dreams.

Those 2 is really my main fears before putting out anything. But those fears don’t stop me from taking a necessary leap to greatness. That sums it up for this post. Until tomorrow like, comment and share.

Story Time: Cougar

This is a Story Time about the time an old lady started flirting with me. So this took place maybe early last year. Around this time last year, I had the flu. I went to the doctor’s office and they had to do a throat culture. It was taking very long to do so. Call it being a baby. A sucker whatever floats your boat. Because I was struggling. I don’t like things been stuck down my throat. I don’t like I eye drops nor nose drops. Sorry, it’s just how I am.

Anyways in the midst of the struggle and waiting in there until the doctors figured something out. There was this older woman walking towards me. I’m usually shy and don’t talk much. But today I decided to say hello. Big mistake.

She came and sat directly next to me. She just kept flirting with me. Asking me about my life and stuff. Touching my leg and rubbing. I was annoyed to the fullest. She did all of this while her husband was sitting right there. She said he was senile or something. That’s even more messed up.

The worst part was her telling me about how her husband fell outside and she scooped him up with one arm. Then she flexed her arm talking about you see that muscle, Kenneth.

“Touch it, Touch it.”

I feel weird to say I touched it. After an hour of her talking to me, I finally let the doctors just jammed the thing in my throat. I felt like a thot the way it hit the back of my throat. Turns out I had the flu I was sick. I wasn’t even surprised I was just ready to go. I got my medicine and left.

Of course, my friends were on some scamming stuff when I told them. A whole lot of you suppose to get with her to get the check. No that’s disgusting. I was 20 and she was like 70 years old. That’s disgusting and weird. If you like senior citizens then that’s on you. But that wraps it up for this Story Time. If you want to see more by me then follow this blog. Follow me on all social media platforms. Also, Happy Valentines Day!

Problem With Social Media

Insecurities: the insecurities you get when you don’t get as much as likes and comments that you would like. On social media compliments or just being noticed is defined by a double tap of the finger. When one doesn’t get enough they feel down or depressed. Some week to change or do things outside of their character to get a change.

Catfish: Easy to get catfish. By someone using a fake page. For some putting your heart into a person who has a fake picture. Can be stressful because when the truth comes to the light. Your trust and heart really take a hit.

Bullying: social media is a bullying zone. It’s filled with individuals that are miserable and upset at their lives so they make fake pages just to bring you down. Just to feel their pain. Most times they do it to celebrities or just regular people who are just trying to enjoy their lives.

Story Time: First Time At The Bar

 My first time at the bar was about 2 weeks ago. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my drunk stories. I went one day with my pops. It was a night to remember. I have been drinking alcohol legally for a couple of months, but haven’t sat at a bar yet.
 I believe I started off with a Top Shelf Long Island Ice tea. Does not taste like tea by the way. It had an okay taste. Most alcohol tastes nasty. Unless you drink a margarita which barely has liquor in it. Anyways it was a cool day, not too many people in the restaurant we were at.
 My pops, of course, made a friend and started talking the whole time. While I was bored I drunk the tea down like it was a McDonald’s tea. Then I started joking about how it was nothing and how I was the man. Bad idea.
 So my pops took it upon himself to buy me a drink called Darth Vader. It had Vodka, Rum, Gin, Triple Sec, Tequila, and sweet sour mix. Now as a rookie I don’t know what half of those are. If I had to describe the flavor it was very sweet. It tasted like grape soda.
 So while I was still feeling cocky I drunk that drink down like it was soda. I drunk it down and kept talking trash like it was a contest for who can drink the fastest. So at some point, I had to use the restroom and it wasn’t till then that I knew I was drunk.
 When I got up it felt like the ground was moving. I was stumbling all over the place and to the people at the bar it was pure comedy. I remember coaching myself to the bathroom like “it’s all in your head K, you got this just walk normally”. I tried my best but I was still staggered.
 Upon my return someone at the bar said I’ll get you two another drink. I should have ordered a soda. I decided to order another Darth Vader. I honestly deserved what came next. I was drunk around my momma. I kept giving people handshakes. I was just stumbling and walking funny around the house. Just not being normal. I was acting very goofy.
 At some point in time, I passed out in my room on the bed. When I woke up I was laying in the opposite direction of how I usually sleep. My pants were still around my ankles and my feet were on the nightstand. After that, I spent an hour looking for my wallet which was in the kitchen for some odd reason.
 The downside to this day was I threw up 3 times that night. I was praying to the toilet that it would stop. I learned a couple of things. Don’t mix your drinks. Don’t drink 3 drinks without eating. Stop talking trash while drinking, it’s not a contest. Other than that it was cool. Drinking at a bar is best for people who are social butterflies. Me not so much. As you see I just kept drinking for fun to past the time. But if you enjoyed that, like, comment and share. Follow this blog from yours truly. Follow me on all social media platforms.