Writing Prompt #26: I started writing for Clout

Writing Prompt #26: Write about why you started writing?

I just wanted to clickbait for a change. But I started writing at a young age. It just came to me. Now getting back to it was just something that had to be done. Its a hobby and a gift that has the potential to take me to the promise land.

The promised land being happiness. It’s one of those things that always put a smile on my face. It lightens my day. To be able to create my own world on these pages. That’s why I write. For happiness.

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Writing Prompt #25

Writing Prompt #25: 2 ways you would change the world: If you could make three tweaks to the way things are now, what would they be?

This is far out but I would make everyone the same color. Racism is the biggest and longest issue in my opinion. Just eliminating that factor I think will help a lot.

I would start the whole political rank over. Like a clean reset with new people and new laws. I just feel as though the laws now and people that are in, have an old mindset on people and situations. I would start fresh.

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April Goals

New Month and a new set of goals to complete.

  1. Post 30 poetry videos for National Poetry Month.
  1. Lose 5 pounds.
  2. Write a new Story.
  1. Take some more model Dreams Pictures.
  1. Release a new Spoken Word Song.