Most Useful Apps

1. Canva: is a graphic design app. I use it a lot mainly for my blog titles. Other than that I use it for my poetry quotes and other quotes. It has many templates to fit your needs. Visit Here If Interested. Canva
2. Fiverr: My Favorite. It’s an app and website that provide freelance services. I use it for everything. Specifically logos, album covers, mix and mastering, editing my writing. It just has all type of gigs. I suggest messaging the freelancer before ordering to let them get a feel for what you want and to make sure they can do it. Visit here. Visit Here If Interested. Fiverr
Example: I had a picture retouched. My album cover was done here. As well as my upcoming single and my latest project audio was edited on there.
3. Tailwind App: Is an app that allows you to schedule Instagram posts and Pinterest posts. I recently started using it and it’s my new best friend. Managing different accounts can be tough and this makes it so much easier. Visit Here If Interested. Tailwind App
4. Pexels: is an app with photos that you can use anywhere. For me, it goes hand and hand with canva. Although canva has its own library of images. Sometimes I use pexels when they don’t have the image I’m looking for. Visit Here If Interested. Pexels
5. Grammarly: Last but not least, Grammarly. It’s an editing app for when your writing papers. I use the Grammarly keyboard app. For wherever I’m typing I can check my grammar while I’m writing. Visit Here If Interested. Grammarly

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Top 5 Favorite: Apps

Top 5 Favorite Apps: 

  1. Instagram: Favorite app even though it sucks my life away and yours too if you let it. Mainly use it on my burner account. Just like to check out my favorite Instagram comedians.
  2. WordPress: just because I like to keep up with this blog and read other blogs.
  3. YouTube: I’m really the type to watch YouTube every day. 
  4. Canva: I use canva for my blog post thumbnail. It’s easy to use and especially on the go.
  5. Libby: Just really getting back into reading heavy. This app is becoming a favorite because it’s like going to the library without the hassle. Or it’s me just being lazy but I love it because I can read books right from my phone or tablet.

Apps I Use For Writing


  1. B-Rhymes: helped my ability to rhyme. Now it has become easier. I use it sometimes here and there when I really can’t come up with a rhyme
  2. Notes: is probably the number one app I use to write when I’m out. It’s just convenient because I always have my phone.
  3. Google Drive: It gives me a chance to have all my documents with me. And of course, If something ever happened to my pc, god forbid. But I would have all my files still. So it’s really a backup method for me.