Bend (Spoken Word)

Dear young K
I want you to be better when you get to this age
I don’t want you to be filled with rage
Don’t walk into that cage
Everyone that smile at you isn’t your friend
And your family will change
Don’t think that your fam will always have your back
No they change on you for the possibility of getting stacks
Just know family is wack
Don’t crack
Don’t let them take your pen
Continue to win
Don’t ever try to blend
Don’t even bend
If they don’t like you forget them
You don’t owe them nothing
If they say they love you they bluffing
Old me I want you to be better than this version of me
I want you to do things I could never see
Cause at that age I was used to grabbing knives and seeing how much I could really bleed
I didn’t know if I could grow like a seed
My peers was filled with grieve
Could barely breathe
My gift was gone in a breeze
Now I’m left to freeze
The only one that kept me alive was my bro
The only one that believes that I can cook like a stove
The only one that can get my love
Always had my back like a shirt
While my peers were trying to make me hurt
Had to put God first
Brought me back to health like a nurse
Now these words really burst
You put me down at my worst
Now I’m going to get what I deserve
The universe
Younger Me don’t bend

Quote Of The Month: Artist

As an artist, I never want to blend. I feel like you should never want to blend in. Never follow the trend. Rather, you should be a leader and let everyone else follow. 

That quote is something I came up with. But I try to live by it. In the sense that blending and being an artist just don’t mix. The primary focus when creating anything really is to be good at it and different from everyone else. I create poems that are sometimes uplifting, but I do it in other ways other than the traditional route. Instead of just blatantly saying get up and go after it. I will do a whole elaborate story to try and paint a picture for the audience. That’s my way of being different.