Weekly Thoughts #16

Poetic Gift is out now. This is not me advertising. Not fully but I still have another mountain to climb. Advertising this album. Look I have released 4 other projects that haven’t reached over 40 downloads so. I’m kinda hungry for more. Not kinda, I’m starving to prove to myself that I can reach over 100 downloads. That’s the goal for this album.

Other than that I’m just excited to finally put out something. I’m just obsessed with creating these projects and sharing it with the world. It’s so hard to not put something out once I finish recording. But I try to manage. Creating quality over quantity was the goal for this. That’s why I stopped at 8 songs. Didn’t want to overdo it with songs with the same feel to it.

Also, last Saturday I turned 21. Hooray and all that good stuff. It was fun. I barely went out at all. Even though so many family members were pushing me to. I decided to stay in. It wasn’t because of depression or nothing. I just like to be around my immediate family. It reminds me of the good times before high school. Before my depression decided to show up. I stayed in to enjoy those moments.

Having my first legal drink with my pops. Sharing old memories of his past. Cracking jokes with my family. All laugh and smile the whole time. Eating some good take out Olive Garden. Birthday cake of course. You know just simple days like that just lights me up. Finishing out the night with Poetic Gift on repeat. ( I had to throw that one in.)

Dream Birthday List

The Dream Birthday Wish List:

If I could dream of gifts for my birthday I would probably choose maybe 10 things. Think about your dream list, while you read mine.

  1. A Bugatti: I started off high. Sorry, it was the first thing that came to mind.
  2. A new MacBook: mine is just old and slow. This would be nice right now.
  3. The island green Foamposite: Love foamposites. The key to this fat man’s heart is a pair of foams. The island green Foamposites are amazing.
  4. A mansion: because it’s my dream crib
  5. A trip to Bora Bora: because it just simply looks amazing.
  6. A PS4 pro: I play games sometimes so this would just be amazing 
  7. A trip to London because I always wanted to go there
  8. A built-in home studio. Because I love to record 
  9. An Xbox One
  10. 3 billion dollars: just because