Must Have Wardrobe Items

1. I have to wear joggers no matter what. I’m to a point where if it’s not joggers I won’t wear it. I just like how they cuff at the bottom which makes the shoe’s stand out more. And I’m a big sneakerhead so I let my shoes sit on display with joggers on.

2. Plain color tees. Not just any plain color brands though. I prefer luxe because it’s a quality shirt.

3. Bomber jackets. I just got into bomber jackets and I love the look of them. Especially with a hoodie. I haven’t done that style yet but I’m open to it.

4. This is more of an accessory. But a watch. I feel naked without a watch on my wrist.

5. Shades. Especially in the summer. I love the aviator type of shades. I don’t recall wearing a different type.

That was my must-have wardrobe items. Tell me yours down below. Follow me on Instagram @k.exum. Also, follow my blog Instagram @piecesofkblog. Follow this blog for more from yours truly.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Just to get your mind flowing on what to buy your Favorite lady on Mother’s Day.

  1. A Card: A simple card can be the sweetest thing to a mother. Maybe some cash falling out would be nice. Also a small little passage about why you love them will always get you a smile in return.
  1. Jewelry: A little drip for your mom is always a go to move for me and it can be for you.
  1. Flowers and Teddy Bear: Another Simple Gift but holds value to the mothers all over the globe.