Must Have Wardrobe Items

1. I have to wear joggers no matter what. I’m to a point where if it’s not joggers I won’t wear it. I just like how they cuff at the bottom which makes the shoe’s stand out more. And I’m a big sneakerhead so I let my shoes sit on display with joggers on.

2. Plain color tees. Not just any plain color brands though. I prefer luxe because it’s a quality shirt.

3. Bomber jackets. I just got into bomber jackets and I love the look of them. Especially with a hoodie. I haven’t done that style yet but I’m open to it.

4. This is more of an accessory. But a watch. I feel naked without a watch on my wrist.

5. Shades. Especially in the summer. I love the aviator type of shades. I don’t recall wearing a different type.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Just to get your mind flowing on what to buy your Favorite lady on Mother’s Day.

  1. A Card: A simple card can be the sweetest thing to a mother. Maybe some cash falling out would be nice. Also a small little passage about why you love them will always get you a smile in return.
  1. Jewelry: A little drip for your mom is always a go to move for me and it can be for you.
  1. Flowers and Teddy Bear: Another Simple Gift but holds value to the mothers all over the globe.

Weekly Thoughts #23

I finally got something to talk about. I don’t really do this series no more because I don’t really know what I should write about. But I finally am getting closer to getting back on track with this gastric bypass. I remember I wrote about this on Behind The Scenes: 400+ Part 2, I talked about my struggles with sleeping with a machine.

I wish I could say I conquered it but no I’m just taking a detour. Through another route hopefully. If I don’t get to take that little road it won’t break my gym spirits. I lost another 3 pounds recently. I’m literally 3 pounds away from getting back to where I was before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The weight loss is always good to see but I’ll be truly happy when I start dropping clothes sizes. I love taking the pics in Model Dreams #24, but I can barely find clothes that I really like in my size.

Also, I put out a new Spoken Word song called Be You. I really like this one. It’s kind of short. Like it’s 1 minute of me attacking a double standard and uplifting the females. So if interested check it out on all digital stores. The only upset I had with this was I really wanted to get it put on the discover weekly playlist on Spotify. Sadly it didn’t make it on there. But it’s okay it just motivates me to create something better.

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