Story Time: Best Christmas Moments

In the Christmas spirit as always. My favorite holiday of the year. But I’ll have to share my favorite Christmas moments of all time. One of my favorite Christmas moments was when I was younger and I wanted this electric scooter so bad.

 I remember riding one for the first time at a cousins house and being in love with it. I wanted it so bad but I didn’t think I would ever get it. Until that current years Christmas morning when I saw it in my living room. If I remember correctly it snowed that morning which was rare in Maryland on Christmas. I had the biggest smile as I went outside in pajamas and rode it up and down the block.

My second best moment was about 2 or 3 years ago. My older sister had been dying for a pair of Jordan’s. And I had been dying to buy her a big gift. Since she’s always buying me stuff all the time. You know that’s how I have always been just wanting to repay the favor to my loved ones.

 So, a couple weeks before Christmas the Space Jam Jordan Retro 11s released. They were one of those shoes in my area that you would have to stand in a long line to get. You would even have to buy a ticket just to be able to get in line. Crazy right. So I did all that and ended up purchasing the shoes. 

 When Christmas arrived I was so excited. She sleeps so long on Christmas mornings so I was a little impatient. I’m to this day up at like 7 on Christmas morning. It’s the little kid in me ready to burst out on the scenes. So when sleeping beauty finally came alive I was so excited. She ripped open the gift wrap and seen the Jordan label and size and said: “No this guy didn’t.” It was the first time I have seen her smile from a gift I gave her in a while. So that just made my Christmas even more special.

 Last but not least my best moment was about 4 years ago, so not that long ago. I brought my mom these ugg boots she had been wanting. It was exciting for me because it was the first pair of shoes I brought that was over 200$ and they weren’t for me. Especially buying it for moms was just simply the best feeling in the world. Well, that’s it for this storytime. I hope I get many more chances to make others feel special. I love to give more than to receive. That’s just who I am. So maybe one day I’ll get the chance to give gifts on more days than just one.

Dream Giving Christmas List

Dream Giving Christmas List: I’m not going to say no names for future references. Just in the Christmas spirit. This is my dream giving Christmas list. Maybe one day I’ll be buying these gifts hopefully.

  1. Fossil SmartWatch.
  2. Fit Bit Blaze
  3. WWE Title Belt
  4. Fit Bit Blaze
  5. Elephant Statue.
  6. 400$ Sephora Gift Card
  7. Diamond Necklace 
  8. Diamond Ear Rings
  9. Retro Jordan 12 Gama
  10. $300 Cash
  11. Canon Powershot G7X Camera
  12. XBOX ONE

2018 Christmas Wish List:

This usually would be so easy for me but I really don’t want much this year. Especially not object wise. Of course, I want stuff like my operation and more views on my blog and my music. But I’ll try to come up with objects and a reason for it.

  1. Island Green Foamposite. Just because they’re so sexy.
  2. New MacBook Pro. Just because I want it and can be used in other ways. Like for blogging and writing.
  3. PS4 Pro because I’m tired of my old PS4.
  4. Money. That’s any year really.