My 2020 Reading List

I’m not going to make it seem like I’m the biggest reader because I’m not but I want to be. So this year I have set a goal on Goodreads to read 20 books for 2020. That’s probably not a lot to most but its a lot to me. So far I have only read one book and is on the second book now. This is my list for now down below. Who knows? I might add more if I finish earlier than expected. Continue reading “My 2020 Reading List”

Heartbreak (Short Poem)

I learned about love and heartbreak
In just a couple of days
I went from texting you fast to barely texting back at all
Everyday we use to jump on a FaceTime call
But now I’m not even excited to see you
It’s like the love just disappeared
I keep texting hoping that feeling will just reappear
I lost the love for you in an instant and I can’t bare to find that love
It feels like God put you in my life just so I can write a dope piece
I know, I know that sounds selfish
But it’s the truth that I came to terms with