Help (Poem)

I’m surrounded by plastic

They stick around like they elastic

But not here when it get drastic

That’s classic

I hate people that’s not long lasting

This life is fast you got to keep up

I been trying to make a come up

But you left me all alone

I got a lot roaming through my dome

I was never in the streets like a cone

But it feel like it

It’s like I had many around me

They tried to change me

Then they left me

It’s crazy how your around snakes all your life

This don’t feel right

Pops want to help me out

How do I talk to the one who put me in it

My feelings is tinted

Meaning they Dark

You turned your back and it hurt my heart

You left your mark

Now leave

Just let me be

Cause me and you can’t see eye to eye

Got me dying on the inside

And lighting a fire on the outside

I was thrown out in the water and I ain’t no Michael phelps

I didn’t have no help

I got to do it myself

Help is the last thing I need from a enemy

Cause family is overrated

And I hate it

It’s all about K. Exum

New Years Resolution (Poem)

I don’t know what 2019 holds but I hope it’s blessings

Lord knows I been through enough stressing

I just hope I see many blessings

But if there is nothing already set then I’m going to work till I get mine

Spent too much time waiting on the sideline

For a time that the little arm never touched

Spent too many years relying on people to be my judge

Had me looking like a cripple with no crutch

Just falling off my game

Some days I just wish it didn’t take this long for me to learn my lesson

But I guess it all comes with time

I just been trying to grind

But some days it just feel like I’m scared to shine

Always been the type to be quiet until someone approaches me

My comfort zone is something I just need to leave

I know I can make it if I just put the work in and believe

But comfort is the thing that can’t be in my life right now

The things that I create i already know I can stand out

But then again I’m just one of the many artist in the crowd

And I’m not shit until I step on the stage and speak out loud

Always been the type of kid to be in the crowd

Not the one to be standing on stage

My New Years resolution is to perform

Abused (Spoken Word)

Some people are physically abused

See that’s the difference between me and you

I was mentally abused

And I don’t know what to do

I just want to be through

Then I look to god like when will I be through

I never get an answer that’s when the suicidal thoughts start to play through my mind

I often dream about making it to the grand stage so I can shine

But I can barely escape my mind

So how will I ever let it all go and really grind

They say wait for your time

But time is the only thing I’m scared won’t last

I’m held back by the past

And I just wish I can finally let go

So much shit that I regret

So much I wish I could take back

I wish I was man enough to stand up for myself

But I wasn’t and I looked for everyone to give me help

And no one reached out now I just blame myself

I’m just so trapped in my own mind

Behind The Scenes: Dark Poems


I feel like my poetry be so dark and moody because I went through a tough time but I didn’t have a voice back then. So now I’m letting out those feelings that I had back then when I was voiceless. Other than that I sometimes do storytelling that’s emotional in a way to attract the audience and give some type of feeling. You know a poem that connects your situations to the character in the piece. I don’t know why I do it like that. I guess because that’s what attracts me to certain poems and song is the passion displayed by the artist or actors in the video. You know when that certain song play where it just grabs you and pulls you closer and make you fully understand what’s going on. That’s the feeling I try to create in some of my pieces.