The Wait 3: Death (Spoken Word)


This is the death of the wait

Man I just couldn’t wait any longer

I had to get stronger

Waiting is never the answer

Seeing all these people beat cancer

They didn’t wait for someone to give them the answer

This is my passion

There is no crashing

No more bashing

That’s not in my fashion

Being told to wait was just a distraction

Now I’m up and ready like an erection

Looking at my reflection

I didn’t like it, I had to make a correction

Out of sink with myself like an iphone losing connection

Stressing over who like me or not like I’m trying to win an election

They had been trying to take me out the game like an ejection

But I kept coming back like a mosquito

Just kept rolling the dice like I was playing in a casino

I kept going and capturing new highs like I was playing pokemon go

I got too much of a ego

To ever let anything go

The only thing I can let go is these words on the paper

These words that satisfy all the haters

I can let my voice go off on each track

Now look at the map

This is where K went off to show he had no brakes

This is where he set the record straight

Scratch that this is where he showed that he was great

This is where he got cocky and started talking in third person

His devotion for spoken word just worsen

When he started to rhyme so nicely

It was unlikely

In the eyes of his peers he needed school to do so

School was suppose to be the tool

But K thought he was too cool

So he sat on a stool

Loaded himself with fuel

And showed everyone who needed school

Now look whose the fool

I soaked everything up like a pool

Looking so nice and clean like some jewels

Sorry I got a little off topic when talking about my troubles

Sort of like when I’m trying to think straight and start thinking about the taz angels

Damn didn’t mean to get them involved

My point of the wait 3 is that I evolved

The wait is over

Sorry for not following protocol

I’m just unstoppable

Waiting is unsuitable

I’m simply untouchable like steph curry

I usually would say meet my fist of fury

But I would like to make up my own phrase and say meet my words of fury

As for the people who want to see me stop in place

I had to crossover and leave you shook like AI crossing up M jay

I am K the great

And I will never wait

This is the death of the wait

The Wait 2 (Spoken Word)

This weeks Throwback Poem is called The Wait 2. The Wait one was posted Sunday. Click Here if you want to read that. But the back story to this piece is I was not supported by my peers and I released my frustrations in this piece. I also recorded this awhile back. Link to that here.


Man this feels like déjà vu

Dropped another book and didn’t get no love

The only love I got was from the man up above

Man that’s so sad

And you wonder why I’m so mad

When will I ever be glad

I guess when people are finally satisfied

My family don’t support me but I guess that’s classified

I’m glorified to the highest god that I will be the best

On this journey to make history

But I’m stuck on this mystery

Cracking down on me to go to school

I hate school

Too many rules

But I’m screwed

Living with people who want to control me

But they don’t see what I see

Like they got one eye

That’s fetty wap

It’s clear that I will never stop

Making people jaw drop

Making my family heart stop

Man that’s a heart attack

Every poem I write that’s a counterattack

I write for me and not money

To them that’s funny

They want me to go to school, to me that’s funny

They keep getting grumpy when I want something

It’s only so much I can take

They dancing around my questions like drake

When will I get a break

Made too many mistakes

I’m now picking up the pace

I’m on a chase

This is my dream

I’m full of steam

I’m taking it to the extreme

I’m dropping a book each month

Just to show my dominance

This is evidence

People have been stepping all over me now I’m finally awake

When I dropped the rise I thought it was going to be an earthquake

But no I’m told to wait

Well I’m waiting

And this shit is starting to get degrading

I’m fading

I have been doing this for too long

I’m coming strong

I didn’t have to wait when they was all on my jock

All I had to do was block

Until I cut that out and made the whole world stop

They only happy when I’m on that field

Talk to my pops he told me to go to school to please

Miss me with that pleasing people

I been trying to please them my whole life

Man now I’m finally letting it fly like a kite

This is my life

No more pleasing that had to cease

The haters is my feast

And I’m the beast

Just dropped the rise

They really want my dream to die

If my dreams die then I die

Without my dreams then I’m nothing

Been holding on to a grudge all my life

Really want to stab it with a knife

This shit ain’t nice

They keep telling me to go for what I want

When I try to write

They tell me to hold up pause rewind

Man my life ain’t no remote control

My heart is filled with coal

Cause I’m tired of people trying stop my grow

I’m never going to stop

If you don’t like it let your heart drop

It’s the wait

Hey Depression 2 (Poem)

Hey Depression your back I guess my soul missed you

Here I thought all along you was going be gone forever

But whatever

I didn’t miss you but I knew you would be here

I just never could get rid of you no matter what change I make

I can’t fake

Right now I just want to make a huge lake

Lake of tears, regrets and stupid mistakes

But there’s no going back

Just got to be more precise with my decisions

Behind The Scenes: 400+ Part 2

This weight has been a thorn in my side for so long. It’s getting annoying to even talk about it. But here goes nothing. 3 years of me working out and losing weight then gaining it back. Led me to finally drop the weight needed to meet the surgeon.

The surgeon talked about the side effects and what could happen and I didn’t feel right. You know? I love the idea of dropping weight faster than usual but something just didn’t feel right. After the meeting, I still had to deal with another doctor before I can reach the surgeon again.

That brings me to my current situation. Where I’m lost trying to get passed this never-ending task. You would think just going to sleep with a mask on would be easy. But for me, it’s the hardest thing I have faced.

I struggle with it almost every night. It’s like an air conditioner just blowing into my nose and mouth while I try to sleep. I only have to do it for a month and I can’t get through one night. The doctors act like I’m speaking a foreign language when I tell them I can’t sleep with it. Peers do the same thing.

I ask God for a sign all the time for if I should pull out or not. Maybe this is the sign or maybe it’s just another never-ending challenge. I still workout and try to eat right and lose some weight. But it’s nothing like if I went under already. That’s it for this post. Like, comment and share for more post like this. Enjoy some of my previous post below. See you tomorrow.