Dear Special K (Poem)

This was hard to write. Honestly, I shed a tear while writing this. I’ll just say Poetry is and forever will be my therapy. So I wrote this from a prompt I seen that said write a letter to your teenage self. So in this poem, I’m talking to my teenage selves. If that makes since. Starting with my 13-year-old self and up to when I’m the age now off 22. Enjoy the piece below. You may not get it if you don’t know my teenage experience. But leave a comment if you do or just leave a comment just because. Continue reading “Dear Special K (Poem)”

Hey Depression 6

Why can’t I forget?
I keep trying to forget
But I’m tired of living with this regret
I can keep blaming them for putting me in the situation
But I could have done more
But how could I be sure
I was only a kid
Now I’m an adult feeling like this
I’m helpless
The ones that want to help is the reason I feel helpless
I wish I could get better but I’m just so fucking depressed
Hard to explain it to someone who doesn’t know the feeling
I thought when they cut me that I would start healing
But there’s no healing this heart