Monthly Goals: February

1. Recite some poems: Failed this last month so I have to make it happen

2. Release a new story

3. Drop New Spoken Word track

4. Lose 10 pounds

5. Post quality content. I noticed most days I post just to post for a day but I’m thinking of lowering it to just 4 or 5 days a week instead of 7.

Monthly Goals: January Results

This month is coming to a closing. Now it’s time to see the outcome to my monthly Goals.

1. Get to 410: I lost 6 pounds this month still not quite there yet.

2. Write another story: I wrote a couple of stories. Just in the editing process. I can’t wait to reveal those stories to the blog and also turned them into ebooks for those who would want to download as well.

3. Average 20 views a day: Most days I did have 20 views but for some days it was a little below.

4. Make some videos of yourself reciting some poems: Not one but it’s on my list for next month

5. Drop a new Spoken Word track: Not yet. I definitely will do next month

Rules For 2019

Step out your comfort zone: do things you don’t normally do. Be different and make a difference in your life.

Face your fears: If you never face your fears then you can never fully reach your goals.

Be happy with yourself: stop looking at the negative parts of your body and start looking at the positive side of you. Be happy and blessed with how you look. Don’t be your own hater. You have enough of those.