Day 30 (Writing Challenge)

Day 30

This is Part Of The 30 Day Writing Challenge. I’m participating in, if you would like to do it leave it in the comments as I go along. Or follow link

Your highs and lows for this month


Finally being able to eat after the doctors starved me for a ENTIRE MONTH.

Finally being able to workout again.

Seeing my baby cousin graduate high school.

Seeing the hidden support from all my family for this surgery.

Finishing this writing challenge.


Not working out as much as I should. Seeing numbers drop from doing nothing makes you feel like you won already.

Over eating to the point I vomit. I literally feel like a model trying to keep her figure.

Not completing all my monthly goals

Missing my double uploads. It came from pure laziness.

June Results


  1. Drop a Song: I’m still buying all the beats so bare with me.
  2. Get to 399: Currnetly sitting at 366 and I’m so excited.
  3. Recite some poems for Instagram: I did and here are the links
  4. Create a YouTube video: I knew I wasn’t.
  5. Take more photos for Model Dreams: Didn’t do it

So a solid 2 out of 5 for this month. I got to do better. But until my next post, view some of my previous posts. Follow me on Instagram @k.exum. Follow this blog. Subscribe to my mailing list to stay updated.