Haiku (Poem)

I wrote this haiku

Just to get a little clout

Now I’m out of here

Disclaimer: A haiku I shared yesterday on Instagram for National Haiku Day. Just decided to post here as well. Follow me on Instagram (@k.exum) & Twitter (@k_exum) to stay updated.

Writing Prompt #23

Writing Prompt #23: Celtic’s Day: If you have a pet, describe their day from their perspective. No pets? Choose your favorite animal.

Weird prompt but I’ll try. I’m going to do a Haiku this time. Just trying something new. Like, Comment and Subscribe to My Mailing List. View some of my previous posts. Prompt is from this Site

Celtic’s Day:

He woke me today

To use the bathroom outside

Then I took a nap

Disclaimer: This is Celtic By The Way