September Goals:

September Goals:

  1. Put the finishing touches on the Ep. Get ready to release soon.
  2. Meet the weight goal because its been long enough.
  3. Create a visual poem because I enjoy watching them. I want to make one so bad just need to figure out a visual for one of my poems.
  4. Create more stories and poems.
  5. Write more blogs. Just because I like to keep my blog updated with more blogs for the readers.
  6. Take pictures. I love taking pictures of myself sometimes especially in different places. 
  7. Just be happy.

Happiness (Spoken Word)

3 pounds away

Happiness awaits 

I just know I’m going to be great

I got the ball rolling I’m just hoping it doesn’t deflate

I just got to forget to clean my plates

I need to clean this weight 

I’m almost there I just can’t wait

My mind racing over this scale

I’m almost there and I can taste every bit of happiness