Why do you love to write?

Why do you Love to write?


The why behind writing, its kind of hard to explain. Writing just was one of those things I just did at an early age. That stuck with me all of these years. I really fell in love with creating my own world at my fingertips and controlling every piece of it. From creating the main character and really detailing every little thing they do. How others view them, and along the way creating these twist and turns that moves the reader to turn the page. I just love having control over the whole storyline as the plot thickens. Plus I love making points in the most creative ways. Other than that it just makes me happy. Like I experience genuine happiness when I’m so deep into a storyline or a poem. Its just one of those things you love to do.

Changes (Spoken Word)

The other day I heard a great message said by Prince Ea

He said it’s not about what happens to you

It’s about how you handle them

I became obese over the years so I hit the gym

Lost some weight now I’m feeling great

All my life I felt like I was in a crate

I turned to god now I feel like I escaped

This entire time people have been telling me to stop

That made my heart stop

Like a heart attack

I tried to keep my feelings intact 

But I started losing it all in the wait

I don’t know if you can relate

I was just tired of being put down

I felt like I was down for the count like Frazier

But I was just losing my character

Like Birdman

I’m just not going to say it no more

I was tired of being everyone’s rug

It was like people was addicted to stepping on me like their addicted to drugs

I was just not getting love

When I realized I was just complaining

Now I’m stopping the complains and making changes

I was told to wait for a chance

Now I’m taking chances 

I was on the defense for so long

Now I’m switching to offense just to prolong

Everyone starts in a bad place

But its about the ones who change the pace

Life is never a race

People are always stuck on whose on the chase

But never think about there own case

Then say their life is a waste

Just wanting it to be erased

Then they blame the way they were raised

News flash all these icons came from poverty

Without committing robberies

So what is your excuse

I been going up and down my whole life

Like an elevator

Now I’m sitting in the middle like I’m levitating

Life is devastating

But it can be worst

I can be in the ground or jail

Just because you take L’s

Don’t mean you fail

Take what life throws at you and make changes


Writer At Heart (Spoken Word)

I am a writer at heart

It’s been hard

Hard to keep up my guard

I was stuck in the dark

Just trying to find my start

Trying to figure out how to make my mark

Some thought I didn’t have the smarts

But my poetry has been going for yards

They had it backwards

I’m a writer nothing less

I am bless

It’s been in my flesh

All along I knew it was in my chest

They couldn’t see it so they tried to commit theft

But I left them stressed

I been walking through the war with a bulletproof vest

Just to provide for my nest

When I realized they wasn’t there I had to find myself

I tried to turn back to please

Until I realized I was displeased

I had released my dreams

I stop believing

I had to come back because I felt like I wasn’t breathing

Like some one ripped my soul out

When I realized that someone was me

I started going hard once again

Now I’m gaining from it

I’m a writer at heart

I knew it when I picked up that pen when I was 8

I wrote my first story on that stormy night

It felt like the first time I took flight

Until I dropped the pen and seen the light

I knew it wasn’t right

I had to find me again

All the late nights up feeling pain

I knew it was something

Sitting in class feeling like something is missing

Running on that field knowing this isn’t me 

Seeing the smiles on my family face

Kept me going but my mind was in space

I had to trace back and change the pace

I found myself when I started writing speeches

It spark something I hadn’t felt in so long

My pride 

I was ready to ride

That led to the beginning of a new era

A new me 

The beginning of K. Exum

Weekly Thoughts #3

This week has been amazing. I thought last week was great when I realized that I was at my lowest in the previous three years. But this week I thought I was falling off again. Some late night thinking made me step on the scale at 3 in the morning, and I saw my weight go down 3 pounds in the last five days. Not much but for me, I usually shed 3 pounds a month. So to see it in a week felt terrific. So excited after that I couldn’t even believe it. I kept getting on and off to make sure also went down to my birthday suit to make sure. I had to put in some hours in the gym afterward. Came home and fell asleep to wake up to see I lost another 3 pounds.

I’m 3 pounds away from the weight goal that I been chasing for the past two years, the emotions I have right now feels so good. In the gym, I’m a hard worker, but my eating has always been the problem. It’s not even like I eat a lot of snacks and sweets. I eat low-fat meals and stuff, but I use to eat a lot of it. Most times I wasn’t even hungry. I guess you can say I learned from my mistakes.

Other than the weight loss journey I have been focused on this blogging thing. Making sure I keep up with posting every day with good content. I have been coming up with a lot of different ideas. I don’t know what type of blog this is supposed to be. I would say writing based kind of blog, but I also like the whole lifestyle blogging way as well. I’m just going to really do me on this blog and not really care about the labels for now. I’m looking to put together a story for my blog. That’s the goal as of right now. It has been at least a year since I wrote one. I have just been writing a lot of poetry. But for now, I’ll keep posting poems. I have to thank all the readers that I have received so far. I hope I continue to grow as a writer and blogger. See you next week.

Happiness (Spoken Word)

3 pounds away

Happiness awaits 

I just know I’m going to be great

I got the ball rolling I’m just hoping it doesn’t deflate

I just got to forget to clean my plates

I need to clean this weight 

I’m almost there I just can’t wait

My mind racing over this scale

I’m almost there and I can taste every bit of happiness