8 Week Post Op Gastric Sleeve: Pros, Cons & Conclusion



  1. I have lost 37 pounds in the last two months. I was used to losing weight but not this much and to keep weight off is an extremely big deal for me.
  2. As far as clothes it’s amazing. Just the other day I put on jeans that I thought I would never be able to wear again. It’s been 4 plus years since I could put on a size 4x pants. I have been used to wearing 5s and 6x pants that it was kind of hard to believe.
  3. My overall feeling is different. I’m happier than ever before. Seeing those numbers drop every time I step on the scale is a breath of fresh air.


  1. Late night antics has been stripped from me. So one big effect is that you have to stop drinking afterward. I believe the carbonated drinks are a big no-no after the procedure. Although I’m not a big drinker. I’m still upset I don’t even get an option anymore. I’m only 21. Like I just became legal to do so. Now I can’t.
  2. The vomiting is a problem. Afterward, you have to worry about portion control. Too much over and you will vomit. As well as not much chewing will make you vomit. For me I know I’m used to finishing my food in .3 seconds. So getting used to eating each meal for at least 30 minutes has definitely been a con. Right now I can eat maybe half of the food if it was prepared on a small plate.
  3. Sometimes I don’t feel as accomplished like before. Literally, I can do nothing and lose 5 pounds. But before I went hard in the gym and lost weight and felt like I actually did something. Now it just feels like the doctors work.
  4. All the liquids can be a real hassle. As of now, I have to take in 80 ounces a day. The normal is 64 but for my size, I need at least 80 ounces a day. With the procedure, you have to sip smaller. So just attempting to sip 80 ounces is annoying. It feels impossible at times.


  I’m happy I had surgery. I often mentioned in other blogs how I hated my weight and this felt like my way out. Stepping on the scale and no longer seeing 400 is a big accomplishment. If you’re new then you wouldn’t know that my highest was 470 pounds. I lost 70 pounds before surgery. It took me a year to do so. Since surgery, I have lost 37 pounds in 3 months.

 Although eating and drinking is still something I have to get used to. It’s a process to this. I know over time the drinking and eating will eventually be no big deal. Once that’s under control I know the vomiting will stop.

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Life Update: Surgery

When it comes to the surgery it feels nonexistent at this point. I have something that I have to do in order to get it. What sounds like the easiest thing to do feels like the hardest thing. Of course, there are people around just saying do it like I’m not trying or something. I have been in this process for almost 3 years. Do you really think I’m not trying my best?

Other than that I have just been working out and trying to eat right. The holidays really messed me up. I was looking at almost being out the 4s before my birthday came and then a week later it was Thanksgiving. So it’s going to be a struggle getting back to that position.

Sometimes it feels like I’ll lose the weight that I want to lose before it’ll even come. Maybe it’s for the better. I asked God for a sign when I first started, maybe this is it. I have come this far. From 480 to 420. I know I’m doing something right when my mind is really focused on not eating bad meals. Working out is really easy for me. I just put my music on and go at it. Maybe I don’t need it.