Love Me Again (Poem)

I just want you to love me again

You made me feel so happy

But I was so crappy

I just want you to take me back

You got me addicted to you like I was an addict and you were my crack

I want to get stacks with you

Look I just want my queen

I been in a dark place since

I let you go in a blink

I want to be your king

Since you left I been in pain

I have been feeling drained

I just need you to pick me up like a crane

I see you all over the gram

I miss the way you rode me like a ramp

You were the champ

Baby, you had good brain

You were a true scholar

It was so good made me holler

You loved my toddlers

We have been through so much you was my soldier

You are built like a Da Vinci sculpture

Love to eat it like a vulture

You were my secret weapon like a gun in a holster

I was your protector

None of the others give you bullets like mines, bullets powerful like a four four

I have been lost since you walked out the door

I just want you to love me again

Writer At Heart (Spoken Word)

I am a writer at heart

It’s been hard

Hard to keep up my guard

I was stuck in the dark

Just trying to find my start

Trying to figure out how to make my mark

Some thought I didn’t have the smarts

But my poetry has been going for yards

They had it backwards

I’m a writer nothing less

I am bless

It’s been in my flesh

All along I knew it was in my chest

They couldn’t see it so they tried to commit theft

But I left them stressed

I been walking through the war with a bulletproof vest

Just to provide for my nest

When I realized they wasn’t there I had to find myself

I tried to turn back to please

Until I realized I was displeased

I had released my dreams

I stop believing

I had to come back because I felt like I wasn’t breathing

Like some one ripped my soul out

When I realized that someone was me

I started going hard once again

Now I’m gaining from it

I’m a writer at heart

I knew it when I picked up that pen when I was 8

I wrote my first story on that stormy night

It felt like the first time I took flight

Until I dropped the pen and seen the light

I knew it wasn’t right

I had to find me again

All the late nights up feeling pain

I knew it was something

Sitting in class feeling like something is missing

Running on that field knowing this isn’t me 

Seeing the smiles on my family face

Kept me going but my mind was in space

I had to trace back and change the pace

I found myself when I started writing speeches

It spark something I hadn’t felt in so long

My pride 

I was ready to ride

That led to the beginning of a new era

A new me 

The beginning of K. Exum

Book Talk: Crushing It!

So I have been reading this //” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Crushing It! By Gary Vaynerchuk and it’s simply amazing. I believe I brought this about a month ago but I’ve been reading it slowly. But every time I read it I just feel so motivated afterward. I initially brought this to learn about how people just like me got to where they are now. Plus I just love everything Gary Vee says. Every Instagram post he makes I just have to listen to the jewels he drops. Even when I’m writing I have his videos on YouTube playing in the background. Right now I’m only on chapter 2 at the time I’m writing this blog. It’s this one line that sticks out to me out of the million quotes dropped in this book.

“You need to constantly be in do mode. I see you out there over thinking your content and agonizing over your decisions, taking forever to make up your mind. Your confidence is low, and your worried people will call you a loser if you make the wrong call. Get over that quick.”

 I absolutely love those lines, because I can feel that so deeply inside. I have been struggling with my content for that exact reason. If you been reading my Weekly Thoughts you will know this Ep has been taking a toll on me. The book so far has included stories from other successful people who use the Crushing It guidelines to get where they are now.

 This book is definitely out of my reading range. I usually read urban fiction a lot but this book is my way of stepping out of my comfort zone. I look forward to finishing this book soon and looking for other books like this to read or just any other books. I really want to read a poetry book to get a feel. If you know any leave some in the comments below and I’ll make sure to check them out.