Random Thoughts: Family Diss

Family: Why do you always mention your family in your Spoken Word tracks?

This is something I been wanting to address. I guess it’s because I never really feel supported in this line of work. I get bashed for putting out music or writing from my own family. I’m not slim shady with my disses. I would never go that far but I do mention it because I wanted it to change.

I say wanted because it has changed but it still doesn’t feel real. It took a fake email from a record label and a couple outsiders to really start seeing support around me. I appreciate the comments on IG and here about my art because it really means a lot even if I don’t show it.

I published my first speech and story when I was 16. It was a long term dream I had for 8 years. When I figured out how to do it, my way. I used lulu.com and I published just to hear my family argue about me publishing. I even had them curse me out for chasing my dreams. It’s always you need college to do so. But I can name a 100 Arthur’s who made it without a degree. Also, I don’t like school. Never have, never will. I doubt I could have lasted another 4 years for a degree I don’t want or feel like I need.

So the disses as of now I want to stop but its hard not to express my true emotions for the people around me on a beat. I said it before this poetry is my outlet. I let out my deepest darkest emotions on these pages. So I can feel some type of relief. This was somewhat emotional but I just wanted to vent. Follow my blog for more content by yours truly. Follow my Instagram and my blog Instagram @piecesofkblog

Story Time: Best Christmas Moments

In the Christmas spirit as always. My favorite holiday of the year. But I’ll have to share my favorite Christmas moments of all time. One of my favorite Christmas moments was when I was younger and I wanted this electric scooter so bad.

 I remember riding one for the first time at a cousins house and being in love with it. I wanted it so bad but I didn’t think I would ever get it. Until that current years Christmas morning when I saw it in my living room. If I remember correctly it snowed that morning which was rare in Maryland on Christmas. I had the biggest smile as I went outside in pajamas and rode it up and down the block.

My second best moment was about 2 or 3 years ago. My older sister had been dying for a pair of Jordan’s. And I had been dying to buy her a big gift. Since she’s always buying me stuff all the time. You know that’s how I have always been just wanting to repay the favor to my loved ones.

 So, a couple weeks before Christmas the Space Jam Jordan Retro 11s released. They were one of those shoes in my area that you would have to stand in a long line to get. You would even have to buy a ticket just to be able to get in line. Crazy right. So I did all that and ended up purchasing the shoes. 

 When Christmas arrived I was so excited. She sleeps so long on Christmas mornings so I was a little impatient. I’m to this day up at like 7 on Christmas morning. It’s the little kid in me ready to burst out on the scenes. So when sleeping beauty finally came alive I was so excited. She ripped open the gift wrap and seen the Jordan label and size and said: “No this guy didn’t.” It was the first time I have seen her smile from a gift I gave her in a while. So that just made my Christmas even more special.

 Last but not least my best moment was about 4 years ago, so not that long ago. I brought my mom these ugg boots she had been wanting. It was exciting for me because it was the first pair of shoes I brought that was over 200$ and they weren’t for me. Especially buying it for moms was just simply the best feeling in the world. Well, that’s it for this storytime. I hope I get many more chances to make others feel special. I love to give more than to receive. That’s just who I am. So maybe one day I’ll get the chance to give gifts on more days than just one.

Story Time: Craziest Halloween

My Craziest Halloween happened when I was a kid. I was maybe 8 years old at the time. Since I was so young I had to walk with an adult. That adult being my uncle and my 3 cousins. Well anyway, it was a cool night walking with my uncle and my 3 female cousins. 

 I was the 2nd oldest out of all the kids. We went walking all throughout the neighborhood collecting candy. Trick or treat, smell my feet and all that good stuff. Then I remember we started walking up to this house with a big tree in the yard. It looks like any old house in the neighborhood. I didn’t think much of it.

 So halfway into the gate, I saw a man jumping out of the tall tree. He made some type of noise, like a growl or something. It was hard to remember because I left. Like when I say I left. I LEFT. I got out of there. Adios. However, you want to say it. I turned around and ran out the gate. I took off up the street leaving my family in the wind. The least heroic moment in my life.

 Now I wish I could say I stood my ground and poked out my chest. Or that I didn’t even flinch but it wasn’t the case. I ran like a scared little kid I was. That was the craziest because it was so unexpected. The last thing I thought about was someone jumping out of a tree. That was my quick little story time. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did writing it. If you got a crazy Halloween story. Leave it in the comments and follow my blog.

Top 5 Favorite: TV Shows

Power: absolutely love power it’s like watching a full-blown movie every Sunday. Especially this season has been filled with unexpected surprises. I love how nobody on the cast is safe. Even when a character dies the writers are so good they make the show even better now that they’re gone. I don’t want to spoil nothing so I’ll leave it at that.

George Lopez: If you never watch this show when it was on you was definitely missing out on a good laugh. I’m not even a big George fan but this show made me a fan. I still watch the reruns almost every night.

Claws: This show is growing on me. I originally started watching it last year because it looked interesting from the previews. I’m still watching the second season so bare with me.

Family Guy: Family Guy might be my all time favorite show. It’s very random and hilarious to me. I could literally sit and watch every episode for days. I know some aren’t a fan but I am.

American Dad: Just like Family Guy this show is hilarious. Seth MacFarlane is a genius for creating these shows.

Most Awkward 1st Day Impressions

One of them I remember like it was yesterday. I walked into class I think it was the eleventh grade and the class was packed. It had to be about 30 people in the class. And I sat all the way in the back of the class. I have always been the shy kinda kid with a little bit of clown in him if paired with the right crowd. So the thing I hate most on the first day is making a fool out of myself.

What happened next was I sat down at a small desk. When I tried to slide in the desk I put too much pressure on the table and snap the top of the desk. It came clean off. Talk about embarrassment all I saw was head turns from the teacher to the students and I was sitting there looking lost. Wasn’t that bad but I was embarrassed because it was a first impression on the school year. All my peers act like they didn’t even know me after that.

The other one was about 12th grade I know for a fact. It was my first day in drama class. We had to do introductions, that weak thing you have to do every school year. When you introduce yourself to the class. To think that should be easy for people with writing aspirations. Well the writer in me decided not to show up that day. For one I tried to write something down but I couldn’t come up with anything for some reason.

It got down to the last few people to go up and the shy me said forget it and stayed quiet hoping the teacher wouldn’t notice me. But someone decided to shout Kenneth(First Name) didn’t go. Annoying right? I believe I said, My name is Kenneth Exum and I wear a size 15 and I play football. Out of all the things I could have said that’s what came out. I could have said I like to write, or anything. Like what was this brain thinking. The only good thing was people thought it was a joke but I was dead serious. No joking. It wasn’t that bad looking back but at the moment in time, it was really awkward. Anyways I know school started back up today so I had to get this one out. But let me know your most awkward first-day impressions in the comments, will love to read them.