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New Years Resolution (Poem)

I don’t know what 2019 holds but I hope it’s blessings

Lord knows I been through enough stressing

I just hope I see many blessings

But if there is nothing already set then I’m going to work till I get mine

Spent too much time waiting on the sideline

For a time that the little arm never touched

Spent too many years relying on people to be my judge

Had me looking like a cripple with no crutch

Just falling off my game

Some days I just wish it didn’t take this long for me to learn my lesson

But I guess it all comes with time

I just been trying to grind

But some days it just feel like I’m scared to shine

Always been the type to be quiet until someone approaches me

My comfort zone is something I just need to leave

I know I can make it if I just put the work in and believe

But comfort is the thing that can’t be in my life right now

The things that I create i already know I can stand out

But then again I’m just one of the many artist in the crowd

And I’m not shit until I step on the stage and speak out loud

Always been the type of kid to be in the crowd

Not the one to be standing on stage

My New Years resolution is to perform

Weekly Thoughts #2


This week has been reasonably good. A breakthrough week I might add. My ep is almost done, just adding a few tweaks here and there. Funny thing about this project I did a lot of singing or harmonizing. It’s not even like I can sing like Bruno Mars or something. I sing like icejjfish. When I was creating these pieces, I feel like I was vibing to the beats and it just happened. Also, I have been moving toward throwing a story on this project to show my versatility a little bit. I challenge myself with this one to be personal only, just because I have never done something personal before. The Rise barely had a theme to it at all. New Breed showcased how different I was from the others. The Storm was more political or just me making a point. Words of fury was kind of just thrown together. So poetic gift I want this to be about me and my gift.
I have been thinking about my life, even more, this week it’s just that I feel like there’s specific stuff you can’t say to people, especially your kids. Like I know it’s unhealthy for me to keep thinking about this stuff but things bother me. Like whoever said words don’t hurt is a liar. Words last just because of memories. They stick to you no matter how much you try to escape the people who said it. It always seems to find a way back into your mind. I sometimes wish I would have got beat up instead because at least those bruises would have been healed by now. I know I can’t rewrite my past but I have to write in my future. That’s a lesson I have been trying to get through my head lately.
Other than that I’m so close to my weight goal its crazy. I can feel the fabrics hitting my body. The burden being lifted off my shoulders. The constant happiness every time I wake up. I’m almost there and I will not let anything stop me from achieving that. That’s all I have for this week. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @k.exum and leave comments below.

Future Plans


It seems like I’m always thinking or even dreaming about my future plans. I just really want to go far and do enormous things in the world, but who doesn’t. In five years I hope I’m in London somewhere on an international level performing my pieces in front of thousands of people. Traveling almost every day to completely expose my pieces to the world. Letting my creativity run wild on a stage full of props and actors sort of like a play. I will love to create more pieces that will touch a lot of souls at one time.
In five years I hope I can express a new talent. I always wanted to be a rapper and so far it hasn’t been looking good. But I just know I can do it somehow some way. In due time I hope I can light up the stage with some of my favorite rappers in the industry right now. Also, I use to make beats. Part of me wants to get back to doing that. I don’t have to be like Dr. Dre but I would like to be close to that.
Those dreams are just on the music side I also would like to be a bestselling author. I know it’s a lot but the sky is the limit. I got some books in the vault and I hope by that time I could make at least one of those books a bestseller. As for my blog, I hope it’s one of the most talked about blogs in the country. I don’t plan on stopping for a long time. Well, that’s it for now. I’m just rambling now.